Thursday, September 19, 2019


Bruriah Hosts Visitors From Greater MetroWest NJ Day School Initiative and CIJE

Bruriah High School had the honor and privilege to host leaders and supporters from the Greater MetroWest Day School Initiative and CIJE to further discuss the school’s impressive STEM department. At last year’s CIJE Innovation Day, Bruriah took first and second place prizes in the category named for Dr. Lynne B.

Hashkafa Thursdays Begin At JEC High School

Every other Thursday, JEC students will benefit from an hashkafa initiative, new to the school this year. With a variety of learning modalities including Ask the Rabbi sessions, shiurei klali, shmuzin and more, each student can learn about important and relevant topics that speak directly to him. Last week, the ninth grade

Welcome Back! First Day of School: TABC

Welcome Back! First Day of School: Yeshivat Frisch

Welcome Back! First Day of School: Ma’ayanot

Welcome Back! First Day of School: Heichal HaTorah

Welcome Back! First Day of School: Bruriah High School

Welcome Back! First Day of School: Ma’ayanot Seniors Welcome Freshmen

Welcome Back! First Day of School: JEC High School

TABC Class of 2019 Departs for Israel

TABC is proud that over 96% of its most recent graduating class has chosen to spend a year or more learning in Israel. As he has for many years, Arthur Poleyeff, or “Mr. P.” as he is affectionately known, tries to see off as many groups of students departing for yeshiva as he can. Pictured here are students

Yavneh Academy Introduces Theme of the Year: Ayin Tova—20/20 Vision

At Yavneh Academy’s first erev Shabbat assembly of the year, the year’s theme was announced; Ayin Tova—20/20 Vision, seeing the good in everything, everyone, as well as in ourselves. Students from grades two through eight joined together to celebrate the weekly oneg Shabbat The students and faculty sang

Naaleh Freshmen Enjoy Second Annual Orientation Adventure in NYC

Naaleh freshmen started the week off right with a full day trip to Manhattan! From Chelsea Piers to Central Park, the girls enjoyed team building activities and meaningful opportunities to connect with their peers and teachers.