Sunday, November 19, 2017


SYNERGY HomeCare Expands Its Services to Provide As-Needed Child Care

Since its June 1 opening, Bergen County-based SYNERGY HomeCare has provided caregivers for seniors—specifically Orthodox seniors—throughout the area. The concept of having home health aides trained in the basics of Orthodox observance and Jewish home life has proven so popular that owners David Bersson and Ethan Kaiser have

SAR Sophomores Honor Veterans Day

SAR sophomores honored Veterans Day by putting together packages for American veterans and soldiers, cutting out stars for the troops and by writing letters to those currently serving far from home. Thank you so much to Beverly Wolfer-Nerenberg for organizing the program.

Yeshivat Noam Kindergarten Learns About Creation

In Yeshivat Noam’s k-bet’s kindergarten class, each student created their own “Guess My Day” game (similar to Guess Who). Each game included a hand-made artistic representation of each day, including Shabbat. The teachers took photographs of the children, using props for each day of creation, to make a game board. As they played, they

Ma’ayanot Hosts Friendship Circle Camp

Ma’ayanot students enjoyed hosting the Friendship Circle of Bergen County’s Yedidainu camp on November 9! Students enjoyed bonding with Friendship Circle members on a trip to Turtleboo in Monsey and for sports, music and art at Ma’ayanot. It was a fun day for all.

Fall Has Arrived at Moriah

Fall has arrived! Moriah’s kindergarten class went on a nature walk and picked up leaves of different shapes and sizes. The children discussed some of the changes that occur in fall, then made their own fall tree, gluing strips of brown paper onto a big piece of white paper for the bulletin board. They then used the

Hachnasat Orchim Is Alive at Yavneh Academy

The mitzvah of hachnasat orchim was in full swing at Yavneh Academy. The students were busy inviting, preparing, baking and setting up for guests to enjoy their weekly Shabbat parties together. After lengthy discussions of how to make guests feel welcome and comfortable, classes wrote and

TABC Welcomes Friendship Circle Mini-Camp

Friendship Circle enjoyed a wonderful time in TABC last week. Many public schools were closed for Veteran’s Day affording TABC the opportunity to host the students on their day off. The TABC students and Friendship Circle participants played board games together, did movement activities in the gym and

BCHSJS Enjoys Mitzvah Day

Students at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies participated in Mitzvah Day this past Sunday. A group of students went to the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey where they packed activity bags for teens battling cancer, sorted and packed baby clothing to be sent to Israel, made chew toys for a

RYNJ Plays at Fun Family Math Night

Walking into the RYNJ lunchroom this past Wednesday evening felt like a wonderland of numbers! First grade students, along with their parents and grandparents, enjoyed a marvelous night of interactive math games at the annual First Grade Family Math Night! The event was filled with three rotating stations

BPY Students Participate in ‘Names Not Numbers©’ Project

Ben Porat Yosef eighth grade students who are participating in “Names Not Numbers,” a unique oral history film project and curriculum that teaches about the Holocaust, visited the Museum of Jewish Heritage—A Living Memorial to the Holocaust on Monday, November 6. There, they began learning in earnest about the Shoah. Students

Yeshivat He’Atid Hosts Pajama Party

Yeshivat He’Atid students from grades pre-k through first grade were treated to a fun night of storytelling, laughs and hot cocoa. Clad in pajamas, students heard the book “Mortimer” from Morah Janice, said shema with Rav Ronen and watched a funny video starring Rav Daar. Afterwards, hot cocoa and

MTA Welcomes 250 Families to Open House

MTA welcomed a record 250 prospective families from across the tristate area to its Open House on Sunday, November 12. Participants had the opportunity to discover the unique educational experience offered at the yeshiva through a variety of sessions, including talmud Torah, STEM, athletics, yeshiva