Wednesday, April 08, 2020


Moriah Early Childhood Gets Ready For Pesach

Moriah early childhood has been super busy making Afikoman bags, baking shmurah matzah, and chopping charoset to prepare for Pesach. Who knew that Moriah’s early childhood classroom activities could be so hands-on as they learn remotely?!

Wishing everyone a chag kasher


SSDS Bergen Kindergarteners Reenact Yetziat Mitzrayim

“Moshe” contemplated his next (virtual) move this week during the Exodus as his entire SSDS Bergen kindergarten class—each dressed in full Passover regalia and taking on the roles of Pharoah, Miriam, Yocheved and all of Bnei Yisrael—prepared to leave Egypt during a full-on live re-enactment. Facilitated by


Yeshivat Noam Buds Prep for Pesach

Yeshivat Noam Buds are having a great time getting ready for Pesach! They drew pictures of their favorite part of the story, dressed like people from the Pesach story, built pyramids and even packed their bags getting ready to leave Mitzrayim!


Yavneh ECD Students Prepare for Pesach

Being at home did not stop the Yavneh Academy children from learning about and preparing for Pesach. The morot have been doing an incredible job telling over the story of Pesach and teaching about the parts of the Seder along with songs, props, books and special activities. Last week, parents were invited to pick


Gan Yaldenu Tots Of Bergenfield Is Excited for Pesach

The children at Gan Yaldenu Tots have been working hard on all their projects, they are so excited to be able to use them over Pesach at their seders.


Yeshivat He’Atid Eighth Grade Produces Original Haggadah

The eighth graders at Yeshivat He’Atid produced an original Haggadah for Pesach as part of their Talmud studies in Arvei Pesachim. Under the guidance of their teacher, Rabbi Joseph Schwarz, students wrote divrei Torah on the various parts of the seder. It was sent to parents and other relatives who won’t be able to celebrate


RYNJ Students Are Excited for Pesach

RYNJ students learned together with their morot and rebbeim all about the holiday of Pesach. They had matzah baking tutorials, shiurim on Pesach and prepared beautiful Haggadot for the Pesach Seder. RYNJ wishes you a chag kasher v’sameach!


Naaleh Prepares for Pesach With Rabbi Tanchum Cohen

On the last day of school before break, Naaleh students tuned in for an engaging and inspiring shiur by Rabbi Tanchum Cohen about spiritual preparations for Pesach. Rabbi Cohen shared one of the many lessons one can learn from matzah, which must be made with ingredients that have the potential to become chametz. It is precisely these


Anshei Lubavitch Students Get Set for Pesach

Despite all if the changes to our usual routine, one thing remains the same: Anshei Lubavitch students are having so much fun preparing for Pesach! They learned all about the Seder and the pesach story with their morahs in their virtual classrooms. They enjoyed a virtual model matzah bakery and a


Bring on Pesach—BPY Is Ready

BPY early childhood friends have been deeply engaged in Pesach prep this week through the BPY BaBayit program. The children have been busy preparing Haggadot, working on STEM and engineering challenges, doing artwork and learning lots and lots of songs for the chag. BPY also gives a special shout out to all of the


Ma’ayanot Preps for Pesach With Wide Array of Meaningful Programming

Ma’ayanot’s virtual school spent the week before Pesach preparing with shiurim, a faculty panel, a student-produced Haggadah and a yom iyun. Ma’ayanot also continued to host nightly activities that fostered fun and connection between students. On Monday night, the Holiday Enhancement Committee invited students to


Bruriah Middle School Prepares For Pesach With Virtual Fun

The Bruriah Middle School has been actively preparing, via remote learning, for Pesach with interactive lessons and robust programming. Three of the middle school teachers offered Pesach inspiration by presenting the differences between matza and chametz, teaching the true definition of freedom, and transmitting lessons on Pesach