Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Last week, at the home of Amira (‘19) and Talia (‘16) Wittenberg, Ma’ayanot held its first oneg of the year. Though the weather was chilly, over one hundred students—including dozens of commuters who were hosted by their Teaneck classmates—and ten faculty members came out for this event. The night was full of Torah, singing, laughter and delicious treats. Shera Dubidsky, mother of Sophie (‘16), shared her inspirational experiences as a ba’alat teshuva, and both Talia Wittenberg and Rabbi Prince shared words about the parsha.

Ma’ayanot hosts three to four ongei Shabbat per year, one every few months. Ongei Shabbat enhance the Shabbat experience for so many students, from the powerful singing to conversations with teachers and peers that cut across the grades. Nina Miller (’16) said, “The oneg was an inspiring and uplifting event because teachers and students gathered to sing, share words of Torah and enjoy the beauty of Shabbat together.”

Shana Adler is in her senior year at Ma’ayanot.

By Shana Adler