Wednesday, April 25, 2018

In commemoration of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Ma’ayanot’s Yamim Committee planned a program aimed at teaching their fellow students about the life and political assassination of Rabin, and about techniques of constructive disagreement.

The program started with two short videos—the first about Rabin’s life, and the second, produced by the Pardes Institute, on the topic “Judaism and Conflict Resolution.” After the videos, students were asked to utilize techniques of constructive disagreement in mini debates, with those sitting closest to them, on one of three debate topics, including: every Jew has an obligation to make Aliyah; one should only vote for the presidential candidate who is the most pro-Israel; and all haredim who live in Israel should be required to join the army. After the debates, students were asked to write their opinions on post-its and to place the post-its on a diagram of an Israeli flag—to visually bring home that point that, although we may hold differing opinions, we are one people joined in one nation.

Members of the Yamim Committee who created this program included committee heads Shalva Faber ‘18, Avigayil Gottlieb ‘17 and Corine Dahan ‘16; committee members Mira Simantov ‘17, Racheli Herzfeld ‘18, Miri Cohen ‘18, Davi Zlotnick ‘18, Simi Glicksman ‘18, Sandra Kaplan ‘18, Naomi Sanft ‘17, Atara Neugroschl ‘18 and Dafna Levine ‘18; and faculty advisor Ms. Sarah Gordon.