Friday, September 22, 2017

Oz with parent Dan Altman

Moshe and Dena Kinderlehrer with Sheryl and Mike Katz

Ma’ayanot alumnae

Ma’ayanot alumnae, alumnae parents, current parents and faculty gathered together on Saturday evening, December 26, for a celebratory melave malka in honor of Ma’ayanot’s 20th anniversary. The theme of the evening, A Night Out on the Town, was manifest in the charming New York décor that enhanced the ambiance of the evening; indeed, the 200-plus guests were immediately put in the mood by the NY themed music they encountered in the parking lot even before they entered the building. Once inside the building, attendees found themselves in Times Square, with Broadway posters plastered on the walls, antique street lights, a bench, trees, a hot dog cart, and a nut vendor.

A short stroll down Broadway led to a NY-themed buffet dinner that included a Seinfeld Soup stand, Little Italy Pasta Bar, China Town, A Day at the Ball Park, a Café and a Sports Bar, complete with two game telecasts and jerseys on the wall.

As with an actual night out on Broadway, the entertainment, an unforgettable and mind-blowing show by America’s Got Talent runner-up Oz Pearlman, was a highlight of the evening. Mr. Pearlman, a mentalist and magician, astonished the audience with his mind-reading and sleight of hand skills. Attendees young and old were mystified by Mr. Pearlman’s ability to predict their thoughts and even manufacture, using numbers suggested by the audience, the serial number on a dollar bill taken from an audience member’s wallet.

The evening was planned by a committee of parents in conjunction with Pam Ennis, Ma’ayanot’s Director of Community Relations. Sara Prager and Sheva Adler were parent chairs of the melave malka committee; Gila Jaffe served as chief décor consultant; other committee members included Lynn Even-Hen, Alyssa Horn, Dena Kinderlehrer, Carmen Neuer, Shara Paley, Karen Raskas and Grunny Zlotnick

Ma’ayanot’s anniversary celebrations continue in February with a Café Night for the school’s current student body. With the help of a student committee, the school is hosting dinner and a show, featuring a professional game show host, as a kick-off event for the second semester of this anniversary year.

The school’s anniversary celebrations will conclude on March 5 at Ma’ayanot’s Annual Scholarship Dinner. This year’s dinner promises to be unique; in addition to marking the culmination of a year of 20th anniversary celebrations, including the debut of a much-anticipated anniversary video, it is also dedicated to the memory of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, zt”l, Ma’ayanot’s posek (religious advisor) from the school’s very inception. In this regard, Ma’ayanot is proud to announce that Mrs. Esti Rosenberg, Rav Aharon’s daughter, will deliver remarks that reflect upon her father’s strong support for Ma’ayanot’s singular vision for Jewish women’s education, and celebrate the extent to which his early support enabled the school to take root and flourish.