Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Sylvia Scheininger

Sandi & Michael Newman

Bobbie & Leonard Neuringer

Linden’s Congregation Anshe Chesed will hold its tribute dinner on Wednesday, June 8, at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston. This year’s event will honor three families with roots in the synagogue since its founding 102 years ago.

Anshe Chesed is proud to recognize Sylvia Scheininger as the Legacy Award recipient, Bobbie & Leonard Neuringer as the Distinguished Leadership Award recipients and Sandi & Michael Newman as the Young Leadership Award recipients.

The first generation of Congregation Anshe Chesed were immigrants who settled on a dirt road in a small town in New Jersey where they hired a rabbi newly arrived from Poland. These founding members foretold the dream of a thriving synagogue devoted to religious observance, spiritual growth and loving-kindness.

Today Anshe Chesed is 130 families strong. They share vibrant prayers and Torah study, beautiful Shabbat services and support for new families, the needy, elderly and homebound. They have their own mikvah.

L’Dor Va’Dor, from generation to generation, they are living the dream.