Wednesday, April 25, 2018

On Thursday night, December 11, the Ma’ayanot Rapids were victorious once again.

In the 1st quarter freshman Jessie Orgel scored 10 points for the Rapids which included 2-pointers, foul shots, and a 3-pointer. Along with those 10 points, sophomore Alyssa Felder scored another 4 points. The 1st quarter ended with the Rapids leading by14 points.

The 2nd quarter started slowly with 4 points shot by Jessie Orgel. Not far into the quarter, another 2 points was scored by freshman Sari Alexander and 2 points by Leora Adler.

During the 3rd quarter, Ma’ayanot scored another 6 points, but towards the end of the period Ramaz had found the rim and was quickly closing.

During the 4th quarter the Rapids fell behind, but with the help of sophomore Tamar Segal and freshman Rebecca Malech, they were able to turn it around and get back in the lead.

The score was close, but in the end the Rapids came away with a 33-32 victory.