Friday, September 22, 2017

Once again, for the last time this season, the Ma’ayanot Rapids ended their game with a win. After a loss by 20 points to SAR last year, the Rapids and SAR met again in the championship round.

During the 1st quarter, freshmen Jessie Orgel and Sari Alexander each scored 2 points and sophomore Michal Horn scored two 3-point shots. Whether it was making a rebound, being open to be passed to, or even just cheering each other on, the Rapids made sure to help each other out so that they could get closer to obtaining a win. By the end of first quarter, the Rapids were in the lead, 10-3.

The 2nd quarter came, bringing the Rapids one step closer to the victory that they had been waiting for all season. No matter what obstacle came their way, they worked around it and did their best, as an additional 9 points were scored during the quarter by Orgel and Mollie. Every time the Rapids played defense, the crowd cheered them on and motivated the team even more. The Rapids knew that they could not let the fans down, and indeed they did not. The 2nd quarter ended with a Rapids lead of 19-11.

The game grew more intense as the game went on. SAR began scoring but the Rapids knew there was no way they would let SAR defeat them for a second time in a row. With help from freshmen Leora Adler and Sari Alexander, both scoring 4 points, Orgel scoring 2 points, freshman Elisheva Merwis scoring 2 points and sophomore Rachelli Zomberg scoring 3 points, the Rapids were soon up by 14 points. The 3rd quarter ended with Ma’ayanot leading SAR, 33-22.

The 4th quarter came with the crowed cheering wildly. Every time someone scored, the crowed went crazy. Sophomore Tamar Segal scored 2 points, Orgel scored 5 points, and Alexander scored 2 foul shots. These 9 points became winning points for the Ma’ayanot Rapids. With the crowed counting down the last 10 seconds of the game, the Rapids started to cheer with their victory. The final score was 41 (Ma’ayanot)-29 (SAR).

Each and every individual player on the Rapids did an amazing job this season. This victory did not just come from practicing and working hard individually, but it came from their teamwork. Of course the team would have never been able to do anything without its outstanding coaches, Keni Ashby and Atara Polinsky.

By Esti Knapp