Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It was a historic week at Ma’ayanot. For the first time ever, three of Ma’ayanot’s five fall teams advanced to compete in championship games! Better yet, two of the teams won their championship games! Best of all, the JV Basketball team is the first Ma’ayanot basketball team to ever win a championship!

It was a fantastic week for Rapids volleyball; the JV team beat Frisch in their championship match up, and the newly formed Varsity B team advanced to the finals but lost in its match up against Shulamis. Sophomore Miriyam Goldberg, a member of the JV championship team, attributed the team’s success to team unity: “We worked really hard, and went from a team that wasn’t united to a team of players that not only know each other, but have become good friends. The fact that we bonded led to our success.” Although they didn’t win their championship game, junior Talia Kupferman explained why she is proud of what the Varsity B team accomplished this year: “This was the first time that the Rapids played in the B league, and many of the girls had never been on a volleyball team before, so it is impressive that we made it to the championship game.”

In the midst of all that volleyball action, the JV Basketball team made their presence known by beating SAR in their championship matchup, a win that was particularly meaningful both because the Rapids lost in an identical championship match up just last year, and because the Rapids had never won a basketball championship until this game! When asked when they first knew that they were going to win, sophomore team member Alissa Felder commented, “we went in thinking they [SAR] were a really strong team, but by half-time we knew we could win, and by the fourth quarter we were pretty sure we would win.” Sophomore team member Michal Horne recalled what it was like as the clock wound down: “As time went down everyone in the crowd was screaming. Then, when the buzzer went off, we all got tackled—by the fans, by our grade, by the rest of the team.”

A school-wide pep rally was held to celebrate the formidable accomplishments of all three teams!

By Rapids Sport Staff