Wednesday, April 25, 2018

With many fans in attendance, the Ma’ayanot Rapids took on the team from Hillel on Monday, May 4. The first run scored was by Elisheva Katz (’16). When Hillel was up at bat during the top of the second inning, they took a 5-1 lead. This followed being stopped by Sarah Berman (‘18) in a great play at home. The Rapids then came out swinging, with a home run by Sima Zand (’16); Sima ended up with two home runs during the game. The third inning was the best inning the Rapids played yet, scoring nine runs. Alex Fuchs (’15) had an amazing slide onto second base, and Noa Applebaum (’17) had the second home run of the night. For the rest of the game Hillel did not score and Ma’ayanot won 15-5.

On Tuesday, May 5, the Ma’ayanot Rapids softball team faced Heschel for the first time this season. It was a game dominated by the Rapids’ offense. Highlights included Elisheva Katz (’16) hitting a single—an RBI that brought Racheli Zirman (’16) home for the first run of the first inning. Sydnee Anderson (’16) hit a triple that brought Elisheva home. During the second inning, Gabi Lerner (’16) started off with a triple, followed by Sydnee’s home run. During those first two innings, the Rapids scored an astounding 13 runs. On the defense, Noa Applebaum (’17) pitched an amazing game, and didn’t let any Heschel players get farther than second base.

On Monday, April 11, the Ma’ayanot Rapids softball team went up against Bruriah. The Rapids overtook this game. It was sprinkled with great moments: Alex Fuchs (’15) caught the first hit of the game and Noa Applebaum (’17) pitched a fantastic game, not giving up any runs and only two hits. She not only struck out three players, she also assisted two outs, along with Tamar Mendelson (’15). All of the players who played this game made an RBI; including: Aliza Kaszovitz (’15), Elisheva Katz (’16), Sarah Hiller (’15), Alex Fuchs (’15), Tamar Mendelson (’15), Sydnee Anderson (’16), Sima Zand (’16), Noa Applebaum (’17), Nicole Rothenberg (’15), Avigayil Keiser (’17), Shayna Leiser (’15), Adina Falk (’17), and Sarah Berman (’18). Ma’ayanot ended up winning 14-0.

With one more game before the playoffs, the team is looking forward to finishing strong.

By Shalva Faber