Wednesday, April 25, 2018

On Friday, June 12, the Ma’ayanot Rapids softball team wrapped up its fantastic 2015 season with a championship win against SAR in front of a highly-attended Rapids fan base, in Riverdale, NY. The nonstop cheering surely played an important role in the victory.

Ma’ayanot pitcher Noa Applebaum (’17) amassed an amazing record of strikeouts this season. In the championship game alone, she struck out 12 batters, and of the few who managed to hit, only two made it to first base. Over this season she struck out over 40 players, and did not give up any runs during the playoffs. This was her sixth shut out over the course of the season.

But this victory would not have been possible without the Rapids’ amazing infielders and outfielders. In the championship game Elisheva Katz (’16), Nicole Rothenberg (’15) and Aliza Kaszovits (’15) all caught pop flies, which was even more impressive given the strong sun glare. Tamar Mendelson (’15), one of the team captains, made numerous outs at first base.

The Rapids’ power hitters were also out in force, including another team captain Alex Fuchs (’15), who hit a triple; it included 2 RBIs that brought home Tamar Mendelson (‘15) and Sarah Hiller (’15). The third captain. Noa, also earned 2 RBIs with her double. Great defensive plays by the SAR second baseman, shortstop and center fielder prevented the Rapids from scoring additional runs in the fourth and fifth innings.

The game lasted the full seven innings, and Ma’ayanot earned a 6-0 victory over SAR. These players showed great dedication to the team: Adina Falk, Adira Levine, Alex Fuchs, Alissa Felder, Aliza Kaszovits, Avigayil Keiser, Danielle Pasternak, Elisheva Katz, Gabi Lerner, Malka Kaminetsky, Nicole Rothenberg, Noa Applebaum, Rachel Kaufman, Racheli Zirman, Sarah Berman, Sarah Hiller, Sima Zand, Shayna Leiser, Sydnee Anderson, Tali Antosofsky and Tamar Mendelson. Coaches Yoni Lieber and Kayla Applebaum made this the Rapids’ best season yet. Not only did the Rapids have a strong regular season, but the team shone during the postseason for a remarkable championship run.