Friday, April 20, 2018


A Petting Zoo Comes to Moriah

In honor of Parshat Noach, a petting zoo came to visit Moriah. The children had so much fun petting the llama, goats, bunnies, sheep, cow and horses. Each child was able to ride the horses. They were also given some food in a cup and were able to feed the animals by putting a hand out in front of them. It

Yeshivat Noam Students Learn Parshat Noach

Students at Yeshivat Noam enjoyed exploring the teivah, petting the animals and meeting ‘Noach.’


Petting Zoo Comes to LPS

After learning about Parshat Noach, LPS children were given the opportunity to learn about animals firsthand. They saw goats, ducks, bunnies, chickens, an alpaca and a cow. They cared for the animals, fed them, brushed them and gave them lots of love.


TABC Student Presents Paper at MIT

A research project initiated and developed by Avi Cooper, TABC ‘17, and Poojit Hegde, Middlesex County Academy of Edison High School ‘18, won second place at an MIT undergraduate engineering conference last weekend. The paper, “An Indoor Positioning System Facilitated by Computer Vision,” was researched at

Three MTA Students Are Commended by National Merit Scholarship Program

Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) students Yair Caplan (‘17), Chaninah Rothenburg (‘17) and Raziel Siegman (‘17) have each been named Commended Students in the 2017 National Merit Scholarship Program, joining just 34,000—out of over 1.6 million PSAT test takers—Commended Students throughout the entire nation

JKHA Enjoys a Week of Colors for Parshat Noach



In honor of Parshat Noach, students at JKHA represented a rainbow by dressing up. Each day last week, students had the opportunity to dress up in different colors, wearing a rainbow’s worth of clothing and accessories. From blue and orange for school spirit day to blue and white for Rosh

RTMA Guidance Staff Lead Team Building Exercises

In the JEC’s RTMA division, guidance isn’t limited to the classroom or a psychologist’s office. Dr. Akiva Perlman, the beloved director of guidance for the entire Jewish Educational Center’s three divisions, took to the field and court last week in a friendly game of football to share lessons of leadership and team

Bruriah’s Renowned ‘Diplomacy’ Tournament Gets Under Way

It is a rite of passage for every Bruriah student and one that alumnae remember fondly decades after graduation. Veteran educator and author Mr. Joel Glazer’s renowned ‘Diplomacy’ tournament is now underway for Bruriah juniors. The game pits students against each other as they play out the dynamics of World War I, each

Fatherss and Sons Bond at JEC-RTMA Nature Hike

The weather could not have been any more cooperative as 100 fathers and sons converged on Hacklebarney State Park for the first-ever joint JEC-RTMA father and son hike this past Sunday. The hike, open to students in grades 4-8 and their fathers or special friends, was billed as a special bonding experience and an

RKYHS Students Bring Presidential Debates to Life

RKYHS students and JKHA eighth graders took part in a spirited presidential debate. The program was entirely student-run and student-led with the “candidates” and moderators represented by the school’s award-winning RKYHS debate team. Following the same model of the presidential debates from this election season, the

At JEC All Eyes Are on ‘Eyes of the Wild’

In honor of Parshat Noach, all eyes at the JEC Lower School’s Early Childhood division were on Travis from Eyes of the Wild and the exotic animals he brought in for the children to see and learn about. Students were enthralled by the baby kangaroo and other cuddly pets and were amazed at how the story of Noach

Bruriah Junior High S.O. Campaign Reaches Fever Pitch

With elections on everyone’s minds, the Junior High of Bruriah (JHB) has been buzzing with excitement this week. Candidates running for S.O. (Student Organization of Activities) spent Tuesday and Wednesday campaigning, with their final pitch on Thursday in a three minute presentation. The enthusiasm, humor and