Friday, April 20, 2018


Frisch Math Team Heads to MMATHS Yale Math Competition

Eleven students from Yeshivat Frisch participated in the Math Majors of America Tournament for High Schools (MMATHS) at Yale University on April 15. The competition is an annual event organized by students at Yale, Columbia University, the University of Michigan, the University of Virginia and the University of Florida. In addition

Yeshivat He’Atid Third Graders Present Living Museum

Third graders at Yeshivat He’Atid spent months of hard work researching significant historical figures for their Living Museum project. Students chose a personality that meant something to them personally, and read a biography about their chosen historical figure. Students took formal notes on the biography and

Clay in the Potter’s Hand: כי הנה כחומר ביד היוצר

SAR High School 11th graders enjoyed a special presentation by Dan Harelick on the process of making pottery, hosted by the Tanach department. The goal of this presentation was to illuminate one of the chapters of Yirmiyahu in which the prophet employs the metaphor of clay in the hands of a potter. Equipped with his pottery wheel

Anshei Lubavitch Preschools Learn About Dental Health

A visit from Dr. Cynthia of Pediatric Dental Associates taught the little learners at Anshei Lubavitch preschool all about proper dental health and hygiene. Dr. Cynthia demonstrated proper teeth brushing with Franasaurus, a stuffed dinosaur. The children heard what foods are good for your teeth and what

BPY Students Become Coding Experts

Ben Porat Yosef elementary school students continued learning coding with Chava Wernick, elementary school coding teacher. The students practiced the programming concepts they already discussed in class, such as loops and debugging, and are embarking on new topics, including “pair programming” and the project development cycle.

BCHSJS Attends Weekend Shabbaton

This past weekend, students at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies had an amazing shabbaton at The Hudson Valley Resort and Spa. The weekend began with candle lighting followed by icebreakers so students could get to know each other better. The theme of the shabbaton was “Leadership” with various study sessions on

Rabbi Genack Discusses Modern Day Kashrut With RKYHS Students

RKYHS students were privileged to hear from Rabbi Menachem Genack, the esteemed rabbinic administrator of the Orthodox Union’s kashrut division and rabbi of Shomrei Emunah in Englewood. Rabbi Genack oversees the certification program of some 4,500 food production facilities in 68 countries around the world. In connection

JEC Alum Is 2018 Yeshiva College Valedictorian

JEC graduate Jared Rutner, of West Orange, was named Yeshiva College valedictorian this week.

Rutner, an amazing student in high school, both in and out of class, has always set a high bar for what it means to be a ben Torah and ba’al middos tovos. In what must have been a most difficult

MTA Sophomores Enjoy Epic Grade-Wide Trip

MTA’s tenth grade talmidim had an incredible experience bonding with each other and their rebbeim during their two fun-filled days in Connecticut on sophomore trip. Talmidim and rebbeim participated in sports activities, including bubble soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, kickball and dodgeball at

JEC Second Grade Walks the Red Carpet

JEC second graders had their moment to shine! After weeks of researching, writing and creating, each child came prepared to present. The program began with a charming musical presentation that included a quick sketch of each famous person. At the fair itself, the detailed costumes and digital and tri-fold displays

Bruriah Torah Bowl Team Strikes Again

Taking the teamwork approach that’s worked throughout the school year, the Torah Bowl team finished its division as league champions and awaits its three opponents in the championship round, set for April 23. Torah Bowl is an inter-school competition in which players study the Chumash, this year sefer Devarim, including the

JKHA First Grade Heads to China

The first grade at JKHA has just completed a thorough, hands-on unit on China and Chinese culture. They learned about the geography, time differences and the Great Wall of China—which they then built using different materials in the MakerSpace. They read all about the Chinese New Year, made lanterns and dragon