Monday, May 21, 2018

Community News

Kushner Cobras Place First in Morris County Wrestling Tournament

The Cobras started off the season “on paper” with what looked like a fairly weak lineup. Out of 15 kids, seven will be new to Wittenberg Nationals, with only four returning place winners. One of those place winners was out for the first half dozen plus matches, along with another very solid wrestler who missed the same. As the

New Jersey-Israel Commission’s Annual Meeting Is Cause for Celebration

If you are weary of hearing how isolated Israel appears to be and enjoy being exposed to eye-popping statistics, this year’s New Jersey-Israel annual meeting was not to be missed.

Taking place at One Riverfront Plaza, a premier address in Newark, the hour-and-a-half-long

Tax Principles for Foreign Residents Regarding Sale or Purchase of Israeli Apartments

Capital Gains Tax (Mas Shevach) and Property Tax (Mas Rechisha)

You want to buy an apartment in Israel. Before you make this dream come true, and before purchasing an apartment, check carefully the transaction’s tax liabilities.

Sellers and buyers be aware! In Israel, real estate purchase by a non-resident may result in significant tax