Thursday, May 24, 2018


Anti-Semitism Is Alive and Well in Europe

This action by Germany (“Germany: Jerusalem NOT Israel’s Capital,” April 25, 2018), taken together with the recently enacted new law by Poland’s senate to deny any complicity by Poles in the Holocaust, and the increasing violence against Jews especially in France but also elsewhere in Europe show that “Never Again” lasted barely

There Is More to Be Done to Address Substance Abuse

On April 22 I joined hundreds of fellow Bergen County residents at a standing-room-only event to raise awareness of the addiction and substance abuse in our community. I salute the Formans, who came forward with their family’s story and spearheaded this effort. Rabbi Larry Rothwachs, through his important article in The Jewish Link

Remembering Former Teaneck Mayor Frank Hall

Last week Frank Hall died. As a former mayor of Teaneck, he was a true friend of the Jewish community, although most people who remember his efforts on our behalf are no longer around. When Bnai Yeshurun was vandalized with a swastika in 1978, Mayor Hall publicly expressed his outrage at such a desecration. His words were “Anyone who expresses hate

Is Yeshiva Tuition a Worthwhile Investment?

In response to the article about the Teach NJS meeting (“Are You Buckling Under the Weight of Day School Tuition?” April 15, 2018), I would like to share my views on the “investment” of Yeshiva tuition. It is no secret that the discussion of the Jewish school tuitions in the metropolitan area is a common conversation, often debated by irritated, hard-working

Overcoming Stigmas in Our Community

In the column “Stigma and the Dirtiest Word,” (April 26, 2018) by Rabbi Mordechai and Nina Glick, the concept of stigma is expressed with a negative connotation, as it rightfully should be. Instead of commenting specifically about the stigmas mentioned in the article, such as judgement of the disabled, mental health awareness and the stigmas surrounding the process

Advice for the Post-Pesach Pizza Palooza

I agree with the sentiments expressed in the Glicks’ “Are We Not Embarrassed?” (April 19, 2018) article. There is no excuse for the customer behaviors they described. At the same time, food establishments should be familiar enough with human nature to consider altering their protocol when appropriate. Below are some suggestions for a pizza

Muslims and Jews: It’s Not That Simple

It is refreshing to see a well-written letter so well articulated by a youngster like Brooke (“We Say They’re Anti-Semitic. They Say We’re Islamophobic. We’re Both Right.” April 26, 2018). She seems to be trying to solve a complicated and difficult problem by trying to establish an equivalence between Muslim anti-Semitism and Jewish

First Restaurants, Now Shuls

Lichvod Harav Mordechai Glick v’ra’yaso, Nina.

I take great pleasure in reading your columns in The Jewish Link.

Your recent article about “embarrassed” hit a note (“Are We Not Embarrassed,” April 19, 2018).

Although I have not witnessed

More Thoughts on Lockdown Culture

A few weeks ago, our school underwent a lockdown that was originally thought to be in response to a security situation in a nearby Jewish school, but later turned out to be a false alarm. In the days following, many students lashed out with anger and fear as to what happened on that day. I can sympathize with that feeling as I, too,

We Say They’re Anti-Semitic. They Say We’re Islamophobic. We’re Both Right.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been sitting in class and someone has said an Islamophobic comment. They make me grind my teeth, but I don’t say anything because I’m surrounded by people who would never understand the point I want to make; they’d attack me for even opening my mouth about it. So, I’m writing it here, instead,

Puppets of the Media

The Letters to the Editor section of the Jewish Link has become a battleground over the past month. “It Is Time for Change” (March 29, 2018) opened a Pandora’s box as the writer noted the common fear Teaneck students faced during the lockdown and pushed for gun control.

We Can Do Better

Thank you to the Teach NJS staff for creating a venue for our community to reach out and interact with government officials regarding non-public school tuition costs at the Teach NJS Annual Legislative Breakfast on April 15. While this event has been lauded a success, with over 300 people in attendance (much more than at the previous