Monday, May 21, 2018


‘Reinventing’ Personal Finance

About 3,000 years ago, King Solomon looked at the world around him and made this timeless declaration: “There is nothing new under the sun.”

To which the hipster millennial responded, “Oh yeah? What about Twitter?”

Of course, even the hipster knows Solomon

My Stories

Part 26 (written 2004)

(Continued from previous week)

Eating had been a little problematic in the beginning since none of the Israeli soldiers were Orthodox and therefore were not concerned about the food handling. Although all food in the Israeli army is

An Act of Defiance

“We will sing to the Nazis what we cannot say to them,” Gabriel (Gabi) Schacter insisted. He was conducting many of the world’s greatest musicians in the most unlikely setting, Theresienstadt. There was opposition from the leaders of the ghetto-labor-transit camp that the Germans operated outside Prague from November 1941 until its

Jokes About Jokes

One of the most common questions people ask me, once they figure out that I’m not as funny in person, is when my next book is coming out already.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that my sixth book, “For This I Had to Grow Up?,” is finally coming out this month, and is available wherever

Survival Skills

Jewish parents are not required to teach their children how to ride bike, fly a plane or drive stick-shift. They also are not required to teach their children how to sail a boat, operate a submarine or ride a jet-ski. (As an aside, “jet-ski” sort of sounds like a Jewish last name, e.g., “For this particular job, which

Tortoise or Hare?

There is a famous Aesop’s Fable about a hare that tells anyone that will listen about his great running aptitude and speed. A tortoise, upon hearing the boastful hare talk endlessly about his ability, decides to challenge the hare to a race. The hare laughs and accepts the challenge. Within minutes after the start of the race,

Jewish Superwomen

This week many celebrate Mother’s Day—and with the barrage of advertisements, all of us are hyperaware of the calendar day. As wonderful as it is to celebrate one’s mother, or a mother figure in one’s life, I approach this time with concern for all the people in my life who are still struggling to be a mother, or struggling

Give Stronq. Give Chazaq.

(Courtesy of Chazaq) On Tuesday, May 15, Chazaq will begin a powerfully impactful 30-hour Charity campaign titled: Give Stronq. Give Chazaq. The goal is to raise $1,000,000 to benefit Chazaq’s wide array of services benefiting Jewish public school students. Every single dollar donated will be quadrupled, (!) multiplying

Teaneck Pop-Up Shop Tomorrow: BookATailor's Affordable Custom Suits

Custom suits bring to mind visions of a millionaire getting measured by his personal tailor and fitted for a suit that meets his exact measurements. Every time he steps out in his custom-crafted suit he exudes confidence and sartorial splendor, knowing his suit was made to help him look his best. If this scene is what dreams are made of, rest assured that quality

BCHSJS Hosts Annual Gala Dinner

(Courtesy of BCHSJS) The Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies (BCHSJS), recently held its Annual Gala at Temple Israel and JCC. The event was emceed by Principal-Director Fred Nagler, and the dvar Torah was given by Rabbi Dr. Wallace Greene.

Parent Honorees were Heidi and Seth

Zevachim 14 and 15

May these words of Torah be a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, a”h.

This week we learned Zevachim 14 and 15. These are some highlights.

Zevachim 14: Can the gabbai sell the right to open the ark and the right to

Ashkenazic Single Men Without a Tallit at Shaarei Orah

May we permit Ashkenazic single men to sit in Congregation Shaarei Orah, the Sephardic Congregation of Teaneck, without a tallit? Sephardic practice follows straightforward reasoning—a bar mitzvah is responsible for all mitzvot. Thus, why should he wait until marriage in order to wear a tallit during tefillah?