Thursday, May 24, 2018


Stam Torah

On Thursday nights the Staums have “Shaarei Torah carpool.” Our son Shalom is in ninth grade in Yeshiva Shaarei Torah, and we have the pickup following Maariv at 8:45 p.m. Since the yeshiva davens Maariv just prior to dismissal, I often daven with them. When I arrive, I often hear the last few minutes of the pre-Maariv mussar

The Mission Matters

“Yes, let’s change our plan so that the wire is now connected from this point,” I hear one sixth grader explain to another, as I observe them with their circuit boards, creating an original game.

“Animals/Pawing, Dripping, Stepping…” I listen to second grade voices reading aloud

What Does a Teacher Make?

Once upon a time, teachers were revered and highly honored. The Talmud is replete with examples of how one is to honor a teacher. In the Middles Ages, Jewish communities awarded certain monopolies to teachers so that they could devote more time to teaching. Today, however, we live in a cultural milieu in which

JDate Expands Language Offerings

(Courtesy of JDate) Jdate, the premier Jewish dating platform, expands global language offerings on the mobile app and website with the addition of Spanish, German, Russian and Polish.

In response to user demand and as part of a broader global initiative, the languages are being rolled out throughout the

CEO/Founder of Mani-Care Keynotes at Ma’ayanot’s First Annual Leadership Banquet

Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School held its first annual leadership banquet honoring student leaders on May 17. Students were treated to a delicious dinner and special awards, but the most memorable moment of the evening was the message from keynote speaker Kate Arian.

Arian is the young and chic

Seat Politics

Frequent readers of my column will know that I don’t really follow politics. And the same goes for shul politics. But just this week, I happened to accidentally get caught up in a discussion between three or four gabbaim as to how to maximize the seating space of our shul.

It’s not one of

Respectful Reporting

The word “Jews” rhymes with “news,” which is fitting because many Jews like to stay on top of the news. That is why so many Jews greet each other by asking: “So, what’s new?” (As an aside, if you want to know how well someone is recovering from pneumonia, it might be more appropriate to ask: “So, what’s

US Supreme Court Bets on State Rights

Wanna bet? If so, the Supreme Court came down with good news for you this week when the Court in a 6-3 decision ruled that the federal government cannot force states to enforce a federal rule. While the case was about the limits of the feds’ reach over the sports-betting industry, the decision, while not saying so outright, can

Making Life Lemonade

The minute Pesach is over, after the kitchens have been switched back to chametz and the last crumbs from the after-Pesach late-night pizza have been licked clean, the youth in Israel start getting ready for Lag B’Omer.

For Israeli adolescents it’s a very serious deal. Every youth group in

The Interview: A Trip Down Memory Lane

While my mother, z”l, was alive, she was the one her progeny approached when they had an assignment calling for them to interview someone from a previous generation. Now that she is not here anymore, I suddenly found myself playing the role of the grandmother being interviewed. To some of the grandchildren I probably seem

My Stories

Part 28 (written 2004)

(Continued from previous week)

When the American Committee was in its infancy, it was made up of local men and women, who would meet to discuss, for example, whether to send $5000 or even $6000 to Jerusalem that week. As the

Stone Temple Pilots and Bush and the Cult

We decided that perhaps it was time for us to think about the summer and look into what musical events will be taking place not too far from here. Nina remembers the warm summer nights of the Goldman Band concerts in Central Park when she listened to the music as her family looked up at the stars. Mordechai, as well, talks about