Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Teaneck Couple Simplifies Kosher Cooking

When you think about gourmet food, you probably envision long hours over the stove. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, thanks to “3Step Prep: Kosher Recipes for the Everyday Cook,” a newly released cookbook by Jason and Yael Gevertzman. Every recipe in three simple steps!

Dr. Arnold Slyper Shares Ideas on Mediterranean Cooking in New Book

Reviewing: “Family Friendly Mediterranean-Style Cooking: With a Groundbreaking Guide to Weight Loss, Weight Control and Cardiovascular Health,” Feldheim. 2018. 286 pages. ISBN: 9781568716244. $24.99.

In his new book, “Family Friendly Mediterranean-Style Cooking:

Enjoy ‘Smoked’ Wines From Alexander Winery

The insides of oak barrels made to age wine are generally warmed or toasted a bit before the liquid is added to them for fermenting. Toasting, according to the Wine Spectator, is done to mellow the tannins in the wood, and it changes the flavors the barrel might impart from raw wood to more spicy, vanilla

Australian-Style New World Wines Are Tops at Israel’s Nadiv Winery

At Wine Country’s evening of wine and whiskey at Congregation Ahavath Torah and again at Royal Wines Kosher Food and Wine Experience, I got the chance to meet Dan Wasserlauf, a Teaneck resident originally from France who is currently brand ambassador for Nadiv Winery.

Kosher.com Celebrates Milestones at First Birthday

(Courtesy of kosher.com) It began one year ago with a big idea, a passion for food and a dedication to creating a place for the ultimate kosher conversation. Sure, the team was optimistic. But nobody expected that kosher.com would skyrocket quite so high, so

Market Swells With Over 500 New Items for Passover

Number of products soars to 55,000.

With Passover now weeks away, retailers are gearing up for their most intense time of the year. A record near 55,000 products will be available this year for Passover, with at least 500 new items on many grocery shelves. In the

Purim Hamantashen Never Tasted This Good

(Courtesy of IMP) OK, so how do you beat last year’s homemade hamantaschen where everyone in the mishpacha kvelled for “more?”

If you’re searching for “outside the box” hamantaschen recipes that will transform your Purim treat from ho-hum to yum, Tnuva’s culinary experts and renowned culinary artist Jamie Geller have come up with some

An Amazing Purim Seudah Wine for Every Palate

When I think about wines for Purim, it’s impossible to think of only one, because I have tasted enough types and varietals to know what I like. That’s the very unique joy of wine appreciation: what is good is what the taster likes. So if you like Bartenura’s blue bottle

Foolproof Hamantashen

Baking hamantashen for Purim is a family tradition for many of us. Also a family tradition for many of us is quickly eating all the hamantashen that have spread open in the oven. As delicious as hamantashen are (no matter how they look), you can’t exactly show them off on Facebook if they’ve opened like a regular cookie. But

A Look at Luxury Spirits

In a large hall of Congregation Ahavath Torah, hundreds experienced the Wine Country Evening of Wine and Whiskey on February 3. Tables abounded with wine and spirits. Dozens of tables lined the walls, each showcasing a company’s finest products for sampling.

William Grant owns eight core

Rock Your Purim Seudah With Subtle Wines

Subtle wines on Purim? Sounds a little strange, no? The Purim Seudah requires abundance of responsible drinking (please do not drive afterwards, or have a designated driver accompany you if you are going to friends or family). When drinking big, bold, full-bodied wines one’s palate often gets tired

Wine Regions of Israel: Yatir, the Jewel of the Negev

Part IV of IV

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