Monday, May 21, 2018

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Graf Center for Integrative Medicine Launches Rodgers Family Meditation Program

(Courtesy of Englewood Hospital) With the turn of the year, the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is launching The Rodgers Family Meditation Program to grow its array of holistic services and highlight the link between traditional medical treatment and mindfulness.

Medical Clowns Provide Human Antidote During Purim

Illness is no laughing matter. But for sick kids around Israel, laughter is the best medicine.

It’s an emotionally draining scenario that unfortunately plays itself out in hospitals across the USA and Israel each and every year. Hundreds of sick children find themselves marooned in their

Flu Review: Facts or Fiction?

We have just gone through one of the toughest flu seasons in recent years. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions associated with the flu and and I thought it would be helpful to review our experience with some comments and explanations about the disease and its vaccine.

Influenza can be a

How Oral Health Can Affect Your Overall Health

It is well documented that general wellbeing begins with the mouth. A healthy mouth promotes overall wellbeing and health. Bacteria is an important component within our mouth. Most of these bacteria are harmless or even beneficial in the right amounts. Proper oral hygiene is paramount in oral health. This includes tooth brushing,

Comprehensive Behavior Supports Offers Support for Individuals With Autism

(Courtesy of Comprehensive Behavior Supports) Autism is a developmental disorder that is characterized by limited or the absence of language skills, poor social skills and the presence of stereotypical or repetitive movements or vocalizations. The disorder can be devastating and has long-term effects on the individual with the

Puah Founder Rabbi Menachem Burstein Shares His Mission With Teaneck Community

This past Shabbat, congregants at Bnai Yeshurun and Rinat Yisrael were privileged to hear thoughts and insights from Rabbi Menachem Burstein, founder of Puah, an organization that deals with fertility, medicine and halacha. Established in 1990, Puah Institute has helped thousands of couples suffering from infertility by

Combatting Senior Isolation: ‘I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends’

According to a recent survey conducted by AARP, over one-third of older adults in America are experiencing pervasive loneliness. This equates to over 42.6 million older adults in the country being impacted by social isolation, with the number increasing every year. Loneliness and social isolation aren’t just the newest buzz words making

Englewood Hospital’s Dr. Herbert Dardik Reflects on a Lifetime of Achievements

(Courtesy of Englewood Hospital) On most afternoons, Herbert Dardik, MD, can be found in his office at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, hosting a discussion with a group of students—some days surgery residents, other days high school students.

Dr. Dardik, chief emeritus of vascular surgery and general surgery, performed vascular surgery for

Is the Ketogenic Diet the Best Idea for Weight Loss?

With obesity rates at an all-time high in the United States (with 40 percent of adults and 19 percent of kids being labeled as obese), there is a barrage of diets being thrown our way in an attempt to slow down this alarmingly increasing rate. People are desperate to lose weight and lose it fast. One such diet on the rise, the

Chai4ever Helps a Mother Living With a Life-Threatening Illness

I lay in the intensive care unit (ICU) pondering the latest devastating news and yet another autoimmune diagnosis. I have been mostly homebound now for 14 years. My son’s innocence was lost early on as he watched me struggling to breathe or to take a step over the years. There is so much uncertainty about how I will raise and

Rabbi Chananya Kanner Enhances Quality of Life at Alaris at the Chateau

One day, you may have to make a crucial decision. Where should you send your loved one when he or she no longer needs hospital care following an accident or illness, but is not ready to go home?

Three factors are vital when choosing a facility: personal care, medical

How to Get It All Done as a Working Parent

As a full-time working mom with many therapy clients in the same boat, I’ve heard about and experienced first-hand some of the common challenges faced by busy, hard-working parents. Finding the time to do it all can at times feel very overwhelming. When you add social pressures and financial stress to the mix,