Tuesday, May 22, 2018


We Robot

It takes a lot of patience and dedication to teach math and physics to teens with attention deficit disorder. Igor Podolsky, a 30-year-old Israeli who recently won an international robotics Olympiad in Connecticut, is blessed with the right traits to do his job well. And he thinks robots may just help him do it better.

Working with Prof. Igor Verner


These days, most people buying laptops as their primary computers need to decide between getting Solid State Drives (SSD) or Hard Disk Drives (HDD) as the storage component. Which is better? There’s no straightforward answer; each buyer has different needs and you have to evaluate your needs, preferences, and of course, your budget. Though the price of SSDs

Taglit-Birthright Israel Visits Google Headquarters in Tel Aviv

Participants on the OU’s Israel Give & Tech niche trip organized by Israel Free Spirit Taglit-Birthright Israel, recently visited Google Headquarters in Tel Aviv. There, they were treated to a presentation on “start-up nation concepts” and cutting-edge Israeli developments, followed by a question and answers session with Google

Signs of ATM Skimming

In an ATM skimming operation, criminals place a fake electronic device on an ATM and steal card information and PIN numbers from the bank card’s magnetic strip. Then they create their own bank cards and steal from customer accounts.

The devices planted on ATMs are usually undetectable by users. The equipment blends right into the ATM’s façade. The

YU-Einstein’s GeneSights: Jewish Genetics Online Learning Series Unveils “Lesson” on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

New York– Individuals seeking to learn about Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD) can self-educate at GeneSights (www.GeneSights.com), the free online education resource presented by the Program for Jewish Genetic Health of Yeshiva University/Albert Einstein College of Medicine. IBD affects more

Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

For those who would like to switch your computer operating systems to Windows 8, or for those of you who already have, here is a guide to help you work through this new-style interface, which is very different from previous operating systems. (Tiles are what they call the new desktop icons...and there’s more for you below.)

Knowing some of the new

Cloud Outages

Cloud computing provides plenty of benefits for both businesses and individual users, but they are not immune to failure.Web-based services can crash just like any other type of technology. So be aware of how heavily you rely on their services and at what cost.

Although we are only midway into 2013, “the cloud” has already experience a fair share of

Upgrade Or Buy A New Computer?

One of the common questions I am asked is “My computer is running slow, do I need a new computer?” Often enough, the computer does not need to be replaced, it just needs some fine tuning in the right places. There are a few basic tenets when it comes to making the decision to buy a new computer. If the computer is at least 4-5 years old then it is time to

The Cosmic Perspective Universe: The 100th Essay

[Ed. note: When we recently came across Dr. Tyson’s article, we found it to be serious food for thought and worthy of our readers’ consideration—as well as an inspiration to act for the benefit of all of mankind. As Dr. Carl Sagan, one of Tyson’s heroes used to say, we live on a Pale Blue Dot, and we all breathe the same air from the very thin

Recipe Bloggers Rejoice!

Kitchenbug makes posting recipes easy

Ofir Shahar combined his lifelong love of cookery with his acquired expertise in natural language processing to cook up Kitchenbug, a made-in-Israel plug-in that automatically formats bloggers’ recipes and tacks on a wealth of nutritional information plus keyword tags to get the creation at the top of a

Umoove Operates Your Mobile Through Head Movements Alone

What the Kinect motion-sensing device did for the Xbox game console, Israeli startup Umoove proposes to do for your mobile. You won’t have to move your whole body—only the parts from the chin up—to play games, scroll down a page or dial your mother.

“Kinect holds a Guinness record for being the fastest-selling consumer electronics device


Israeli navigation app steers itself to the industry’s top honors at the Mobile World Congress

Mobile navigation and traffic community app, Waze, is definitely headed in the right direction. The Israeli startup has been named Best Mobile App for 2013.

The world’s fastest-growing community-based traffic and navigation app triumphed over the likes of