Thursday, May 24, 2018


A Two-Inch Computer for $55

The 2x2x2-inch CuBox-i is the smallest computer in the world. It sells for just $55 and is made in Israel by SolidRun, a 10-person com­pany cofounded by two Arab-Israeli electrical engineers with a background in the high-tech industry.

CuBox-i is the newest model from Solid­Run, which launched its first CuBox low-pow­er, miniature micro-PC and media

Resetting the Net

When you go online, you are likely to en­counter the Reset the Net campaign. Exactly one year after the first revelations from Edward Snowden about NSA spying, the campaign is designed to mobilize organizations and indi­viduals to resist government mass surveillance. The organizations involved, including the Elec­tronic Frontier Foundation, Google, and

UnGarbled Tech

A call I dread, but unfortunately have gotten too many times, starts off with, “my computer crashed, did I lose everything?” To which I have to ask, “When was the last time you backed up your data?” Too often the answer to that question is: “Never.”

I cannot stress strongly enough that there are never enough times somebody can back up their

Garb’s Gadgetry

Several doctors I know say they are constantly bombarded with small questions any time they bump into someone they know. Working in the information technology field is much the same, except instead of “What does this ache mean?” or “Why do I feel like this?” I get “How come my screen freezes twice a day?” and “Why won’t this load?” What my

Elie Y. Katz Now Has An App!

There are apps for virtually everything today: from weight loss, home, health, shopping, travel and even an Elie Y. Katz app. Now residents can have, for the very first time, their own free Elie Y. Katz app.  The app is available free for Iphones and Android phones in the Istore and Google Play Store. Among many of its features, the app gives you the ability to stay

Young Entrepreneurs from Around the World Meet In Caesarea

Caesarea—ID² - Israeli Designed International Development, an exclusive three-day gathering of 70 young Jewish innovators, entrepreneurs, and international development professionals from Israel and around the world, took place recently in Caesarea. Coming together across sectors—private, government and NGOs—attendees looked at how to harness Israeli innovations,

Israeli Company Launches World’s First GPS-Based Mobile App

New York and Jerusalem—CathMaps+, the world’s first HIPAA-compliant mobile application for cardiac patients and people living with elevated risk of a cardiac incident has been launched in the U.S. It integrates a patient’s cardiac history with an interactive map of cath labs throughout most of the world. CathMaps+ mission is simple: to use mobile

New Israeli Technology for 2014

1. Na-Nose can detect lung cancer from exhaled breath and will be commercialized in a joint venture with Boston-based Alpha Szenszor after a few more years of development and testing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Invented by Technion Prof. Hossam Haick, Na-Nose (the “na” is for “ nanotechnology” ) has

3D-Printing - Part One

Arguably, one of the coolest scenes from any of the “Mission Impossible” movies is when the character of Ethan dons a disguise, a life-like mask, designed by computer software and formed from a special machine that carves out the facial image from a blank mold by chipping away at it until the facial image is created.

It is usually not long after being

Shine Keeps Mobile Devices Happy and Virus-Free

While they won’t say it to the media, most security technology startups in Israel have a link to Israel’s version of the CIA, Unit 8200. But Ron Porat, who founded the anti-virus company Shine (www.getshine.com), comes from a modest background as a technician in the Israeli Air Force. Once a teenage gaming hacker, he

LeaksStop Takes the Pressure Off Your Pipes

A smart unit from an Israeli water-tech company modulates water pressure to prevent leakage, and alerts users to leaks already present.

But your water system is constantly under pressure. A leak behind the walls or under the floorboards could go undetected for years, causing costly damage, wasted water, fungus and mold. An estimated one in 10 US homes

Israel App: A Virtual Tour Guide

Tel Aviv—Millions of tourists to Israel now have a complete mobile audio tour guide and travel companion at their fingertips. With a variety of GPS-based guided tours, in-app city guides and instant trip services all on your mobile device and tablet, Israel App redefines the Israel travel experience for the 21st century traveler.

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