Thursday, May 24, 2018


SAR HS Sophomores Go Camping!

Last week, 25 SAR HS sophomores and four faculty members had an unforgettable time in the Wilderness of Fahnestock State Park.

The annual camping trip began with a amazing hike up Breakneck Ridge, aptly named for its steep cliffs and spectacular views. What an experience! From there,

Shavuot Experiences at the Leah Sokoloff Nursery School

The children of the Leah Sokoloff Nursery School in Fair Lawn made beautiful vases and Har Sinai centerpieces for their Shavuot tables. They climbed Har Sinai and played games in their bare feet like the people in the dessert. The older children had a mini Tikkun Leil Shavuot with lots of nosh and learning just

BPY Enjoys ‘Bash the Trash’ Concert

Ben Porat Yosef students, from toddlers through fifth grade were treated to an amazing concert from “Bash the Trash” on Thursday, May 17. The “Bash the Trash” ensemble builds, performs and educates with musical instruments made from reused and repurposed materials, combining science, music and environmental awareness


Last Friday, Carly Sternberg, AIPAC’s director of High School Engagement, met with graduating seniors to share with them how they can become involved in Israel advocacy on their college campuses. In her presentation, Sternberg emphasized that Israel advocacy is not only about combating anti-Israel sentiment and propaganda, but, more

Yeshivat Noam Middle School Students Learn Daf Yomi

This group of fantastic Yeshivat Noam students, who learn Daf Yomi every day at lunch, made a delicious siyum on masechet Avodah Zarah and Horayot! They enjoyed hearing a powerful message by Rabbi Avi Rath, educational director and editor of Talmud Israeli, about the Talmudic term “chavruta” referring to a

Moriah Early Childhood Marks Rosh Chodesh Sivan

Last week, early childhood enjoyed a beautiful celebration in honor of Rosh Chodesh Sivan. The students heard a Shavuot themed story, read by Morah Divsha, and then “picked flowers” from the “Moriah Har Sinai” and created colorful garlands. They then filled their baskets with fruit (to remind them of the bikurim-

Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield Celebrates Shavuot

Ma’ayanot Presents STEAMishmar and STEAMposium

Ma’ayanot capped off a week of STEAM-related events with STEAMishmar, an evening of Torah learning taught by the school’s science teachers during the weekly Bruce Ritholtz z”l mishmar program. Gila Stein, chair of the science department and co-director of STEAM, taught a class called, “Where There

BCHSJS Holds Graduation

The Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies (BCHSJS) recently held its annual graduation at The Glen Rock Jewish Center. This year’s 14 graduates are Eitan Ahdoot, Adam Alper, Mikaela Bichler, Rebecca Brandon, Simon Castiel, Jarod Forer, Julia Ganbarg, Madison Gold, Sarah Gordon, Eric Levine, Noah Mandelman, Jonathan Marcus,

Linked In: Teaching the Shoah to Children With Special Needs

Sometimes, an individual can have a tremendous impact on the collective strength of his or her community. This was demonstrated recently at SINAI Schools at RYNJ, when Erika Sauerhoff, a child Holocaust survivor, spoke to SINAI’s middle school students about her experiences and reflections pertaining to the Holocaust. One of the

JKHA Sixth Grade Makes Pre-Shavuot Siyum

It was fitting that on erev Shavuot, JKHA sixth grade students were treated to a special siyum lunch celebrating their completion of the entire Mishnah Brachot and marking the start of their Gemara learning which will begin in seventh grade. Students heard inspiring words from their rebbeim, recited the customary

MTA Senior Fellowship Program Offers Unparalleled Experience

MTA seniors have the unparalleled opportunity to meet with and learn from experts in their fields of interest, thanks to the unique fellowship program that connects students with incredible role models, created by math and physics instructor and Yeshiva University Executive Director of Science Management and Clinical Professor of