Monday, May 21, 2018


Cake Wars Comes to JEC

How do you create a cake that represents Matan Torah? In the latest big brother program, in honor of Shavuot, the JEC HS juniors and Middle School students engaged in a unique Cake Wars challenge. Each team used basic materials like cakes, frosting and toothpicks to design creative thematic representations of the

JEC Middle School Takes Science to the Beach

The JEC Middle School students ventured out to Sandy Hook Beach where each grade engaged in a different area of study. Sixth grade focused on sand, comparing the difference between grains found near the beach and those found near the dunes. Seventh grade studied ecology, identifying different organisms and

MTA Yeshiva Fellowship Holds Annual BBQ

Talmidim in MTA’s Yeshiva Fellowship program enjoyed their annual end-of-the-year BBQ on Tuesday, May 8. The event began with talmidim and rebbeim participating in a baseball game, followed by Divrei Torah, and a delicious BBQ. MTA’s Yeshiva Fellowship is an exciting initiative that provides motivated students

Bruriah Sophomores Take Annual Mitzvah Trip

The Bruriah sophomores went MIA—Mitzvot in Action—on the annual trip afforded the tenth graders. Noted mohel and speaker, Rabbi Eliezer Krohn, gave a shiur about brit milah and the students gained insight into the process and kedusha that comes with a baby boy’s circumcision. Then, the students headed to

RKYHS Senior Named National Merit Scholarship Winner

RKYHS senior Aaron Dickstein has been named a 2018 National Merit Scholarship winner. After being named a semi-finalist in the fall from the original entries of 1.6 million students, Dickstein was one of a select group that was narrowed down in February to 15,000 finalists, of which only 2,500 were now selected as National Merit

JKHA Students Take Home Top Spots in Math Masters Tournament

Fifty students from four schools, including JKHA, Ben Porat Yosef, Golda Och and Moriah, participated in the Math Masters Tournament. Teams of students from grades six through eight competed head-to-head both individually and as a team. The competition allows tremendous opportunity for students to grow mathematically. The

Yeshiva University Women’s Tennis Concludes Historic Season

(Courtesy of yumacs.com) The Yeshiva University women’s tennis team’s historic season came to a close on Thursday morning, as Yeshiva dropped its NCAA tournament first round matchup to nationally-ranked No. 18 Skidmore College, 5-0, on the Proctor Tennis Courts.

It was a special season for

RYNJ Loves Lag B’Omer

NJ Students Excel at CIJE-Tech Innovation Day

This year’s CIJE-Tech Innovation Day took place on May 7 at the New York Hilton and featured some 400 engineering capstone projects of 1300 students from 32 different yeshiva day schools, the culmination of the CIJE-Tech High School Program.

Yeshivat Noam ‘Kindness’ Color War Kicks Off With AGT’s Ilan Swartz-Brownstein

The Yeshivat Noam “Kindness” themed Color War was kicked off with a beatbox performance by Y-Studs percussionist Ilan Swartz-Brownstein who famously competed on America’s Got Talent. The beatboxing performer shared stories about kindness while teaching beatboxing. Color war was filled with sports,

Moriah Lower School Has Color War

Lag B’Omer in lower school was filled with so much fun and excitement, it’s difficult to believe that all the activities fit into just one day. The feeling of anticipation was palpable as the building filled with students dressed in hats, shirts, jewelry and wigs corresponding to their team colors. After an

Yavneh Faculty Members Present at Lausanne Learning Institute Atlantic

Lausanne Learning Institute Atlantic was a premier two-day professional development conference that is designed for teachers to share their practical classroom skills with other teachers in the East Coast region. Featuring STEAM projects, active learning sessions and collaborative events, LLI Atlantic is the new generation