Thursday, May 24, 2018


RYNJ Creates Poets

RYNJ students in grades first through fifth were treated with a visit from a very special poet and illustrator, Douglas Florian. Florian has authored and illustrated close to 60 very creative poetry books. With the students, he discussed various poetry elements and entertained them with his hilarious poems and

Yavneh Students Attend Friendship Circle Volunteer Celebration

On Tuesday night, May 15, Friendship Circle honored their many Bergen County volunteers with a beautiful volunteer celebration. Over 200 people gathered in Tenafly at the Lubavitch on the Palisades to recognize very unique teenagers. Grandparents, parents, friends and teachers joined Rabbi Moshe and Zeesy Grossbaum, Bergen County

Shavuot Is in Full Bloom at Anshei Lubavitch Preschool

The children at Anshei Lubavitch Preschool were excited to finish up counting the omer and welcome Shavuot. Each class found its own unique ways to celebrate the giving of the Torah.

Bet class used their baking skills to make chocolate cheesecakes and Har Sinai cupcakes

Moriah Hosts ‘Names, Not Numbers©’ Premiere

The Moriah community gathered together last week at The Frisch School for the presentation of the eighth grade production of “Names, Not Numbers©.” The student-made documentary of survivors’ and war veterans’ accounts of the Holocaust included emotional and inspirational stories of strength, determination

Join Ma’ayanot for Heartbeats 2018

Ma’ayanot invites women and girls in the community to their 10th annual performance of Heartbeats: A Night of Song and Dance, on Thursday, May 31 at 7 p.m. at the Moriah School, 53 South Woodland Street in Englewood. Proceeds will benefit Tackle Kids Cancer, the Children’s Cancer Institute at Hackensack

BPY Seventh Grade Visits Philadelphia

Ben Porat Yosef seventh grade students enjoyed a long-anticipated grade overnight trip to Philadelphia earlier this week. The students began their trip with a visit to the National Museum of American Jewish History, where they explored exhibits and displays about immigration and freedom. They experienced an

Gan Yaldenu of Teaneck Celebrates the Gift of the Torah

Yavneh Academy Goes B.I.G. for Israel

The season between Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim is always a highlight at Yavneh Academy as the school joyously celebrate love for and support of Medinat Yisrael. This year, seventh graders spearheaded a campaign to send a concrete message of support to the world by combating the BDS movement as part of their

TABC Celebrates Shavuot at Home and in the Community

TABC’s beit midrash was filled to capacity on Shavuot night, with overflow into other rooms to accommodate the huge crowd of boys who came to learn. The annual all night mishmar is a wonderful opportunity for TABC students to learn all night with their friends and rebbeim. The line up included five shiurim, lots of food and a

RYNJ Hosts Music Recital

This past week, under the leadership of music teacher Harriet Zitter, RYNJ hosted its annual music recital. They had musicians on piano, guitar, violin, flute and drums. Some students have been performing for many years and it is truly exciting to see the progress they have made.

SAR HS Sophomores Go Camping!

Last week, 25 SAR HS sophomores and four faculty members had an unforgettable time in the Wilderness of Fahnestock State Park.

The annual camping trip began with a amazing hike up Breakneck Ridge, aptly named for its steep cliffs and spectacular views. What an experience! From there,

Shavuot Experiences at the Leah Sokoloff Nursery School

The children of the Leah Sokoloff Nursery School in Fair Lawn made beautiful vases and Har Sinai centerpieces for their Shavuot tables. They climbed Har Sinai and played games in their bare feet like the people in the dessert. The older children had a mini Tikkun Leil Shavuot with lots of nosh and learning just