Monday, May 21, 2018

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Miracle of 34th Street

For those of you who are unfamiliar, “Miracle on 34th Street” is a movie about Santa Claus, specifically the Macy’s Santa, who, among other things, sent customers to other stores if Macy’s didn’t have exactly what they wanted.

I write this column with that in mind. No single

The Number One Mortgage Lender in America

Real Estate and financial markets ebb-and-flow in cycles of approximately 7-10 years, that can be extremely lucrative and very tumultuous for participating entities. To endure market gyrations, including the great recession of last decade, and come out standing, is by no means a small feat. It is something to be admired of any


Alternative lending, aka the buzz word “Alt-A” lending, in the mortgage world refers to mortgage financing that is not in the box or considered conforming to the standard underwriting guidelines. After Dodd-Frank was passed, a whole bunch of compliance and regulatory guidelines came out that pretty much did away with the

Three Home Projects That Offer Great Return on Investment

(StatePoint) The warmer months present an excellent opportunity to get outdoors and spruce up your home’s exterior. But if you have limited time and resources, it’s important to prioritize the focus of your efforts.

For guidance, consider Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value Report,

The Secret Places Pests Are Hiding in Your Home

(BPT) Pests can be hiding just about everywhere - whether you can see them or not. When you know where to look, there are preventative measures you can take to help avoid a pest infestation problem in your home. Terminix shares details on the unexpected, “secret” places pests can be hiding.

The Best Way to Clean Wood Floors Might Surprise You

(BPT) Although most people envision their dream home with shiny wood floors, many consumers are unaware of the best way to care for them, according to a 2017 survey conducted by the National Wood Flooring Association.

“Not surprisingly, many homeowners are unsure of the best way to effectively and

Simple Strategies to Stay on Trend in Your Garden

(BPT) Life is just better with the perfect accessories, isn’t it? A modern space looks amazing with a bright rug and your favorite piece of art. At work, strategically placed plants and family photos breathe life into any cubicle.

Accessories enhance your home and add personality. But what about your

The New Market Reality

I had a different article in mind that I was working on, but I had to postpone that because of last Friday’s shocking employment numbers. The report revealed that the U.S. created 313,000 new jobs in February - indicative of the most robust labor market in two decades. The figures didn’t just beat the forecasts - it demolished

Don’t Re-Roof Until You Do These Five Things

(BPT) With spring officially arriving soon, home improvement season is swinging into full gear. Fair warning to homeowners looking to hire a professional, 2018 is predicted to be a record-breaker.

A recent study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University projects home

Are Your Home Furnishings Good for the Planet and Your Family?

(StatePoint) More consumers are interested in selecting products that are good for the planet and their families, than ever before. While many understand what organic food is, confusion still exists when it comes to home furnishings. Simply put, what you bring into your home directly impacts the health and welfare of your family in

Dominate Spring: Five Easy Steps to Wake Up Your Lawn

(BPT) There are a lot of things people miss during the winter - flip-flops, shorts and warm sunshine. But one of the things homeowners miss the most is the sight of green grass.

For months their lawns go into hibernation and disappear under a blanket of snow. Once the temperature starts to rise and the days start getting longer, many are eager to get

ACOA (A Country of Acronyms)

When I made aliyah back in 2003, I understood that I had to hone my Hebrew-language skills. Little did I know, however, that there is another important language in Israel, which is much harder than Hebrew, called “acronyms.” Many phrases are abbreviated and used in all spheres of Israeli life. Two random examples: drishat