Sunday, October 22, 2017

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A Different Perspective on Addiction

In a recent column by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg regarding the tragic death of a 23-year-old woman to addiction (“The Jewish Community and Drug Addiction: Al Cheit for Not Listening, Not Learning and Not Acting,” September 28, 2017), he writes, “it is our fault, Al Cheit, that we were not listening to her cries, Al Cheit for our

The Original Story of ‘The Bergen County Moment’

Regarding the “Back-Backstories on ‘The Bergen County Moment’” (September 28, 2017), permit me to add another but more accurate “back” to the story of the origins of Congregation Beth Aaron. It was in fact founded by my brother, Rabbi Meir Gottesman around 1970 in a private home located at 325 West Englewood Ave., a few houses

Kneeling Controversy Is About More Than Free Speech

The one issue completely forgotten in the sports kneeling controversy (“To Kneel or Not to Kneel: Part 2,” September 28, 2017) is that this is not about free speech. This is about the behavior of employees on the job. No one goes to the mall or a doctor’s office and sees it festooned with blatant partisan political

The Wertheimers Must Be Recognized for Their Contribution to Teaneck

I wish to add an important fact to the interesting analyses of Teaneck’s growth provided by Rabbis Polack and Green (“The Bergen County Moment,” September 7, 2017; “The Backstory of ‘The Bergen County Moment,’” September 19, 2017; “Back-Backstories on ‘The Bergen County Moment,’” September 28, 2017). It is true that Teaneck’s proximity to

Should Open Orthodoxy Be Considered Part of Modern Orthodoxy?

I recently came across an article published this summer (“Rabba Eryn London Receives Semicha From Yeshivat Maharat,” July 20, 2017). I was surprised that The Jewish Link published it, because the RCA (Rabbinical Council of America), the OU and the Agudath Israel of America have all come out strongly against ordaining women, whatever the

To Kneel or Not to Kneel: Part 2

Last year I wrote a letter to the editor explaining my support for San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s right to kneel during the singing of the national anthem. What followed was an almost unanimous opposition to my view: from people at the Shabbos table to family and friends. Presently, that vehemence of expression

Back-Backstories on ‘The Bergen County Moment’

A few obiter dicta to Rabbi Polack’s fine article (“The Backstory of ‘The Bergen County Moment,’” September 19, 2017). Bnai Yeshurun started in Lilian Kopitnakoff’s basement prior to the purchase of a small home on West Englewood Avenue; Rabbi Label Dulitz preceded Rabbi Macy Gordon, z”l; and in 1961, when I was their first

The Jewish Link Simcha Section Has Fans

Thank you for including a new monthly section into your informative newspaper. My daughter and I love the new Mazal Tov section by Bracha Schwartz in the Simcha Link and look forward to reading it every month. It’s interesting, creatively written and fun to find out about the story behind the event. It’s especially enjoyable when we personally

Should We Not Single Out ‘Jews Who Saved Jews’ at Yad Vashem?

Regarding the letter “Jewish Solidarity Has Always Been an Integral Component of Yad Vashem” (August 24, 2017) by Iris Rosenberg, Yad Vashem’s communications director, in response to the article about my book, “Mordecai Paldiel Emphasizes the Importance of Honoring One’s Own” (August 3, 2017): I found very surprising, if not troubling, the

Bergenfield Museum Will Be Open One Sunday a Month

Our Bergenfield museum, starting on September 24, will be open the last Sunday of each month. On my Wednesday “Walk with the Mayor,” I was informed that not everyone knew about the museum, and since it was not open on Sundays it would be hard to attend. After speaking with the museum board, they agreed to open on the last Sunday of each month. For

Thank You to The Jewish Link for Spreading the Word to Help Houston

I would like to thank The Jewish Link profusely for your help in getting an army of New Jerseyans to help us load the trucks with supplies for our brothers and sisters in Houston. Between you reaching out across New Jersey and my good buddy, Michael Dube, reaching out in Tenafly the response was absolutely overwhelming. While Bergen County

Taking a Stand Against the Practice of Kaparot

We do not come into this world knowing everything; we slowly absorb and become aware of our surroundings as we mature. So too, in pursuing a more compassionate, spiritual and mindful life, it is impossible to focus on everything at once. Slowly, we widen our perspective and take in things we do not know about and sometimes things we never