Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Sephardic Synagogue of Fort Lee Is Warm and Welcoming

I have been a member of the Sephardic Synagogue of Fort Lee for 22 years. It has been a great experience to be part of such a diverse and caring community. We are like a big family and everyone looks out for each other. Most of our members have their immediate families in other countries, so when it’s holiday time we try to

Lebanon’s Very Real Threat to Israel

The last issue of The Jewish Link (March 8, 2018) had a number of articles on the AIPAC conference and depicted a virtual love-fest between the United States and Israel. Also in his AIPAC speech, Netanyahu called Iran the greatest existential threat to Israel, and America seems to have Israel’s back on this. This is certainly a welcome

Name-Calling in Ad Goes Too Far

I am writing about page 34 of The Jewish Link that contained an advertisement from the Rabbinical Alliance of America, titled “Psak Halacha on Female Clergy,” March 8, 2018, with two concerns. The content on that page put forward an argument about the proper role of women and Open Orthodoxy, and presumes to apply a rationale based on

Tisha B’Av Tragedy: A Tale of Two Cyclists

It was the summer of 1971 (12 days in the month of Av). My 27-year-old brother, Heshy, a physician at New York Hospital, was riding his bike to daven Shacharit at a shul on the east side of Manhattan. Sadly, he never made it to shul. He was hit by a city bus and died of his injuries.

It was the summer of

Polish Law Should Be Strongly Condemned

Recently I had the opportunity to read The Jewish Link (“Polish TV Exec: Auschwitz Should Be Called ‘Jewish Death Camp,’” January 31, 2018), shortly after the Ultra-Nationalist Polish Government enacted the so-called “Bandera Law.” As you know, Israel protested and considered to cut diplomatic relations with Poland; this

Crying for Rabbinic Leadership

Over the past year or two, we in the traditional and Orthodox communities have waged a spirited debate over the role of women in public worship, the tension between classical halacha and modern thought toward homosexuality and the LGBTQ communities and what should be the width and length of our definition of Orthodoxy.

MRKT Defines Feminism

Congratulations to Elisheva Perlman on her amazing MRKT event (“Elisheva Perlman Brings the MRKT to Women,” February 22, 2018) that sends the “powerful message for our daughters: You can maintain your values and live a balanced life while pursuing a career you love.” Her only mistake is saying, “This is not about women’s lib or

A Heartfelt Plea to Save a Young Woman’s Life

A close family friend and young member of a community close to our hearts suffers from kidney failure and must have a kidney transplant, blood type A or O.

Our family friend is associated with internationally renowned transplant centers. The medical teams at these centers strongly believe a kidney

Can Cultural Shift Help Prevent Mass Shootings?

The school shooting in Florida is a horrific tragedy by any standard. Unfortunately, mass shootings have been a staple in America for a long time. In the aftermath of these events, there are the inevitable questions of why they occur and how to prevent them in the future. There is always the knee-jerk reaction for better gun control as the

Can Coincidences of Purim Civil Dates Be Meaningful?

In 1953 Purim fell on March 1. That day murderous Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin collapsed of stroke (or poison) and died without regaining consciousness four days later. The happening on Purim 1953 was not a random coincidence but a summit of a massive anti-Jewish campaign known as “Doctors’ Plot.” While Stalin ordered his henchmen to

Take the Stress Out of Shopping for Teenage Girls

Thank you for helping to take the stress out of shopping for teenage girls (“How to Stay in Vogue and in Harmony With Your Teen,” February 8, 2018). At Carly’z Craze the teen demographic is a major area of focus. We relate to the difficulties that arise for parents shopping for clothes that satisfy their teenager’s fashion sense. We have

Putting an End to the ‘Summer Slide’

I read with interest Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot’s article responding to the earlier “School Calendar Wars” piece (“Shorter School Days and the Jewish Day School Calendar,” February 8, 2018). As someone who grew up in the UK and Israel, especially since becoming a parent of school-age children, I have felt, often with some level of despair, that the length of the