Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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I thank the editors of the Jewish Link for prominently carrying the story of our senator, Cory Booker, voting “no” on the Taylor Force Act. I, too, am very disappointed by him. The bill was supported by AIPAC, the OU, ADL and many other Jewish organizations. Booker went against all of them. This followed the Iran fiasco last year, where Booker also voted to allow the Iran deal to go through despite intense opposition from the Jewish community.

Cory Booker is a very interesting politician. When seeing Mr. Booker at various Jewish functions over the years, I have observed a certain pattern of his behavior; Cory Booker “bagels” his Jewish audiences, inserting Yiddish slogans often, frequently quoting verses from Tanach and telling stories about his Jewish friends. He tries very hard to endear himself to us. In my opinion, way too hard. He tries to convey the impression that he really has our interests at heart, that he understands the Jewish community and really wants to help us—and then he goes ahead and votes against these interests. It is understandable and expected for politicians to ingratiate themselves with their particular constituencies, but Cory Booker takes this to a whole new level and then does not deliver. I have become very wary of his true intentions.

Jonathan Gold