Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Thank you for including two revealing, informative and compelling articles in your August 17 edition: an op-ed by Jonathan Feldstein (“Senator Booker Is Wrong on Funding Terror”), and a letter to the editor by Jonathan Gold (“Thanks to The Jewish Link for Covering Cory Booker’s ‘No’ Vote on Taylor Force Act”). Both speak in detail of Senator Cory Booker’s voting record as inimical to his Jewish constituency. Will we take to heart this information when we enter the privacy of the voting booth? Are we so stuck voting the party, either party, that we pay no attention to the candidate?

Let us consider a candidate’s deed, not word, when we enter the voting booth. Let us reward only our friends and not those who have consistently betrayed us. Cory Booker’s voting record has revealed that he is not our friend. Vote your conscience on Election Day.

Dan Landsman