Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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I would like to thank The Jewish Link profusely for your help in getting an army of New Jerseyans to help us load the trucks with supplies for our brothers and sisters in Houston. Between you reaching out across New Jersey and my good buddy, Michael Dube, reaching out in Tenafly the response was absolutely overwhelming. While Bergen County is just around the corner from Lawrence, this was my first glimpse into the magnanimous hearts and generous spirits of your people. Besides the army of people who came to load the trucks, which weren’t completely loaded until 3 a.m., for every person who texted me and came there must have been 10 to whom I replied, “Thanks so much, but we are inundated with volunteers.” I must have gotten literally hundreds of texts and calls from men, women and teenagers offering to come, to donate and do whatever they can to help. They all ended the call with, “Let me know if you are doing this again so we can help.” I was very moved by their level of care and dedication to klal yisroel.

And a word to your advertisers…

Your emails and Facebook posts are dynamite!

Within literally minutes of you telling me that the email went out in early afternoon, my phone started buzzing and ringing off the hook and didn’t stop until 10:30 p.m. Now I know the most effective way to get the word out in New Jersey!

Thanks again and continued hatzlacha,

Yitzy Halpern