Saturday, January 19, 2019

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I wish to add an important fact to the interesting analyses of Teaneck’s growth provided by Rabbis Polack and Green (“The Bergen County Moment,” September 7, 2017; “The Backstory of ‘The Bergen County Moment,’” September 19, 2017; “Back-Backstories on ‘The Bergen County Moment,’” September 28, 2017). It is true that Teaneck’s proximity to Yeshiva University and its bucolic nature were prime contributors to its growth during the 1970s. However, in my opinion, the single most important reason that so many young couples came to create their first homes in Teaneck was the affordable housing available in several garden apartment complexes, including Terrace Circle, Westgate and Walraven. The owners of these complexes, Ruth (z”l) and Henry Wertheimer, gave preferential treatment to young dati couples and thereby enabled us to put roots down in Teaneck. Many of us went on to buy homes and help establish the many wonderful shuls, schools, mikva and eruv that now grace our community. The Wertheimers deserve to be singled out for their outstanding contribution to the exemplary Modern Orthodox community that is Teaneck.

 David Jacobowitz