Friday, October 19, 2018

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Last March at the AIPAC Policy Conference, Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, brought the 18,000 people in attendance to their feet in a rousing applause when she announced that when it came to Israel, there was a “new sheriff in town.”

Since then we’ve seen the former South Carolina governor stand up for Israel on behalf of the U.S. before a pretty hostile Security Council and General Assembly.

On December 6, President Donald Trump told the world that Jerusalem was, for the U.S., the undisputed capital of Israel, and that he intended on moving our nation’s embassy there from Tel Aviv.

Vice President Mike Pence continued this administration’s welcome and sincere support for Israel with his recent visit there. And like the day of Haley’s speech, we wanted to stand and applaud when he articulated this administration’s continued, undisputed support and friendship.

We don’t have to go back so far to remember the end of the lame duck Obama administration when it would not stand in the way of U.N. action against Israel, and when then-Secretary of State John Kerry said that Israel could never hope to be a Jewish state and a democracy.

Pence, a deeply religious Christian whose backing of Israel pre-dates his vice presidency, was received by Israelis, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with warmth that surpassed most heads of state.

He called for a “dawn of a new era” for opportunities for regional peace.

The PA, with the vice president at hand, continued its hissy fit or “rage,” refusing to meet with the second-in-command of the world’s lone super power, and ultimately the only realistic future facilitator of peace.

We believe in Pence’s sincere support of Israel. In this year of Trump and Haley and Pence, we finally feel secure in thinking that Israel has Washington’s support.

And like Pence said before the Knesset, “shehecheyanu, vekiymanu, vehigi’anu lazman hazeh.”

We could not have said it better.