Saturday, January 19, 2019

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I just returned from another trip to Israel and “shepped nachas” at the vibrancy and construction going on all over that tiny, but remarkable, country. Vice President Pence was also there at the same time, so it was natural to contrast the Trump administration’s Israel policy with that of the previous administration’s “Obaminable” policies.

Any Israel supporter who is not in a deep coma, self-induced or otherwise, cannot help but take note of the absolute turnaround of the United States attitude toward Israel with the election of the new administration. Besides the Jerusalem as capital and the U.S. Embassy move announcements, there has been a more pronounced overall seismic shift in US-Israel relations. Instead of subsidizing Iran’s nuclear program, there is notice that Iran must reign in its aggressive ambitions. Instead of voting against Israel in the UN, there is strong support there. Instead of looking aside at ISIS and it’s barbarism, the US has been instrumental in the almost complete destruction of it’s caliphate ambitions. Instead of demeaning and degrading Netanyahu, a warm mutual relationship has again been established. And anti-BDS legislation is also being proposed in Congress.

“Am Yisrael Chai” is not just an empty political slogan to be trotted out by American leftists when needed in campaigns, but is a basic bedrock of the Trump administration’s agenda, and should be welcomed by all Israel supporters.

Max Wisotsky, PhD

Highland Park