Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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In an article published last week in The Jewish Link (“Time for Change at the Board of Education: Vote,” October 25, 2018), we identified the need for improved academic achievement and increased fiscal responsibility, the latter supported by an independent third-party consultant who found significant “over-classification” and “over-utilization” of special education services for children who do not necessary qualify for the specified services. We continue to support special education services for those truly in need.

We are endorsing Lisa Dash-Grimes and Gerald Reiner for the board of education for the following reasons:

Lisa and Gerald bring human resources, financial, management and execution capabilities that are currently lacking within the board of education.

Lisa and Gerald are highly experienced, and will foster dialogue and, hopefully, actions that are more consistent with the views of many Teaneck residents that can be construed as socially liberal, but fiscally responsible.

Lisa and Gerald are relatively apolitical and will put the needs of Teaneck residents and their children first and appear willing to support unpopular initiatives that may be necessary to benefit all its citizens rather than a highly vocal special interest group.

Lisa had children in the Teaneck school system, whereas Gerald has two children currently enrolled. They have an irrefutable vested interested in student outcomes.

Lisa and Gerald, and their families, represent the diversity of Teaneck’s population including African-American, Jewish, white and Hispanic, and as a result, understand the cultural differences and sensitivities necessary to help Teaneck operate from a cross-cultural perspective.

Bottom line: The Teaneck Board of Education needs change. We already spend $27,627 per pupil. Our tax rates are among the highest in New Jersey (if not the U.S.). Academic achievement can be improved and remains paramount. Vote Lisa Dash-Grimes and Gerald Reiner on Tuesday, November 6.

David Gruber