Thursday, December 12, 2019

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Max Wisotsky, whose letters are usually right on the money, is way off in his response to Mr. Tobin’s article, “A Distinct Lack of Jewish Outrage,” that appeared on December 20, 2018 (“Playing Politics,” December 27, 2018).

As he himself has mentioned in his previous letters, Jews have always been our own worst enemies. We have aligned ourselves repeatedly with causes that have been extremely harmful to Jews. Of late, “progressive” Jews have foolishly allied themselves with numerous causes from the left, failing to realize that the greatest danger to Jews worldwide is in fact the radical leftists of the world regardless of the location. Jewish women foolishly aligned themselves with the Women’s March, failing to look at who was leading it and their anti-Semitic practices. Many women in my congregation looked at me as some kind of radical when I warned them to watch out; they did not, and now the truth has been exposed a year later. Now the same type of foolish Jews are aligning themselves with the Yellow Jackets in France and, boom, the anti-Semitism of its leaders jumps out. Jews were strong supporters of the Labor Party in the U.K.; now look what is happening there. Likewise, Jews are foolishly strong supporters of the Democratic Party, and look who will soon be in control of that party. Already Ellison, the anti-Semitic senator, was the assistant party leader who resigned only to run and win for the position of attorney general in Illinois. Ocasi-Cortez and Ilhan I can assure you will not be good for the Jews, and Cortez is about as dumb as a box of rocks. You can bet your life she will be supported by “progressive” Jews. She fits the bill perfectly. I recently heard from a “progressive” Jew who lives in Sweden. Her description of Sweden at the moment is “Sweden is no longer Sweden; it is the Islamic Republic of Sweden.” Today’s progressive Jews are too worried about importing in all kinds of radical Muslims who have only disdain and hatred for us. When will we learn. “Matai e’eseh gam anochi livaiti, When will I also take care of my household?”

How many Jews supported Obama and would still support him today, even after seeing him with Louis Farrakhan in a picture that the press hid from the public during his two election campaigns? Not to mention pictures of Farrakhan with Pelosi, Waters and others of their ilk. In 2014, Obama cut off supplies for the Iron Dome system, thus putting Israel and its citizens in great danger in the midst of battle. Jews in New York had a super pro-Israel senator who had a 100 percent rating for favorable votes on Israel (Al D’Amato). Then a self-hating Jew, Schumer, runs for election and they abandon D’Amato like a hot potato. Perhaps we Jews would re-elect Jimmy Carter, the man who coined the term “apartheid state” for Israel. I would bet that less than 20 percent of Democratic Party Jews even know that it was he who originated that term (even though he authored a book with that title). Jews are so solidly Democratic that I believe that if Hitler himself would reincarnate and run on that ticket he would get no less than the typical 70 percent plus of Jews who would vote for him.

We now have a man in the White House who has been a great friend of Israel. Israelis love him, both civilian and military. He has done more for Israel than any or all Democratic presidents combined in our history. Do I really care that he is “not presidential.” Do I really care that he is a braggart, do I really care that he had relations with prostitutes prior to his assuming the office of president? No, I do not. After all, 100 percent of the Democratic senators in office at the time could not find the courage to vote against Clinton, who totally disgraced the office of the president and who lied about it as well. Remember: “I did not have sex with that woman.” Where were their ethics and concerns then?

In 2009, Schumer supported a wall and spoke up for it. Now he is against it only because Trump proposed it and was actually trying to keep his promise.

It’s time for us Jews to support those politicians who are good for us and for Israel. Im ain ani li, mi li, If I am not for myself, who is for me? Unfortunately, all too often, Jews are so worried about the rest of the world that we fail to be for ourselves.

Rabbi Bob Mark
Clifton, NJ