Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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I am writing in response to a letter you published in the February 7 edition submitted by Robert Friedman regarding “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover...” In your note for personal letters, it specifically states “We do not welcome personal attacks.” How would you categorize Mr. Friedman’s letter as anything but an attack on Rabbi Jachter, one of the Gedolim of our community. The same thing Mr. Friedman accuses Rabbi Jachter of doing, is what he precisely himself has done. He did not speak with Rabbi Jachter, yet you had the audacity to publish the letter which embarrasses Rabbi Jachter. I found this both disgraceful and distasteful. There was nothing positive which came out of publishing the letter other than to tarnish Rabbi Jachter. I hope you apologize to Rabbi Jachter if you have not done so already.

Lance Friedman (No relation to Robert Friedman.)

Editor’s Note: The Jewish Link shared the letter referenced above with Rabbi Jachter, who respected the opinion being presented and expressly stated that he would have no problem with it being printed.