Sunday, October 20, 2019

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Last Sunday I did something I’m not proud of. I crossed the street after looking both ways. What I neglected to mention is that I did not cross at a traffic light or a crosswalk. Another tidbit I left out is that this street was Cedar Lane in Teaneck on a Sunday morning three weeks before Purim. I cringe further to inform you that I had my three young children with me.

As I was getting ready to cross with them, a man pulls his car aside and says, “May I suggest that you cross at the light up the street, especially with the children?” With all the snark I could muster, I responded, “Of course you may suggest it, thank you.” And then I proceeded to cross the street.

By the grace of God we crossed safely, and as soon as we reached the other side, I told my children that the man was 100 percent correct and I was 1,000 percent wrong. We should have crossed at the traffic light. We should have taken the extra 10 or 15 minutes out of our way to ensure our safety, or even not inconvenience any drivers to have to stop short for us when they do not have to.

I work in Monsey every day on a busy street called Route 59 where many women walk with their babies in strollers all day long in all kinds of weather. Any time I see a woman attempt to cross Route 59 improperly, I think all kinds of things in my head: “Why can’t people learn to cross at the light?” “Think of the children!” “They should have their children taken away!”

Dear Kettle, you’re looking a bit black today. Your friend, Pot.

I don’t think what I did on Sunday was right. I wish I can undo it. I have already told my children. I wish I could go back to tell that man. I want to tell everyone who crosses a busy double-lane street without a thought about the cars: Don’t do it. Save yourself the hassle and take the extra time to go to the crosswalk.

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