Saturday, May 25, 2019

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I notice The Jewish Link avoids partisan politics. Lately, developments in the Democratic Party have prompted an editorial and an op-ed article (“The Democratic Party’s Shame,” March 14, 2019; “Is There Any Defense for Ilhan Omar?” March 6, 2019). Criticism of any foreign country and its American supporters is a legitimate topic of discussion. Newly elected Democratic members of the United States House of Representatives, however, have introduced clearly anti-Semitic arguments. Response by some senior members of that party, including candidates seeking its nomination for President of the United States, has been underwhelming or missing. I encourage American Jews, long loyalists of the Democratic Party, to review the recent conduct of the two major parties. A visit to a neighborhood Republican club might be enlightening. Bergen County residents are directed to bergengop.org. Fair Lawn residents can contact their club at [email protected]

Alan Lewis
President, Fair Lawn Republican Club