Sunday, August 25, 2019

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I’m disappointed with AIPAC and with coverage by The Jewish Link of the conference. I’ve been disappointed since Obama received a standing ovation after declaring that Israel has his full support. It would not have been appropriate to boo him for his lies and consistent animosity towards Israel, but a standing ovation!?! Similarly, today, I understand that AIPAC is a non-partisan organization and that we have to court bipartisan support, but to ignore the dramatic shifts within the Democrat party is just wrong. Yes, there are Democrats who remain true friends of Israel, but it should certainly be made clear that we are aware of how the party has changed, its unwillingness to confront the evil within, and the dangers that poses. To pretend otherwise and cheer when we hear speeches full of empty platitudes is to give notice that what they do has no consequences. To report as if all is well, except perhaps for a couple of outliers in the party, is likewise ignoring a grim reality.

Yitzhak Berger, Ph.D.
Fort Lee