Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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I wanted to thank Elizabeth Kratz so much for writing the article (“Teaneck Chabad to Host Renewal Swabbing Event for Jay Gitteleson,” May 9, 2019), about the Kidney Donation Awareness Event which took place at the Teaneck Chabad on May 19.

The event was very informative and inspirational. Rabbi Sturm from Renewal spoke and Rabbi Simon shared some of his amazing story as one of only four people in the United States to donate both a kidney and a lobe of his liver.

There were many events happening in Teaneck and surrounding areas yesterday. Several people who could not attend were requesting swab kits to be mailed out to them.

All potential donors who wish to be mailed a swab kit to their home can call Renewal at (718-431-9831, ext. 209 and request materials from Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz, or they can email [email protected] Please ask anyone interested to tell Rabbi Steinmetz that you were referred by Teaneck Chabad/Jay Gittleson event.

Thank you so much for your concern and caring about my situation of needing a kidney and for all people in my similar situation.

Jay Gittleson
New Jersey