Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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Recently, a Teaneck woman initiated a protest against The Jewish Link on her Facebook page for their advertising policies on women. The Jewish Link asks that its advertisers include women in their ads if there are only images of men, but allows them to submit those ads anyway if including women is against their hashkafot (“Editorial Policy on Pictures,” May 23, 2019) The Jewish Link is a paper for the Orthodox community, and all of the varied people within it, I respect that it respects the varied hashkafot of the community it supports.

For every Jew in the world, there is a different set of values, even within any particular sect. We should be tolerant of everyone, regardless of their beliefs, as long as they don’t infringe on our own. Someone else’s ad not having women in it doesn’t hurt a reader of this paper or any of its other advertisers. If you don’t agree with The Jewish Link’s advertising policy, you are free to take your business elsewhere. But it is unfair to purposely try to hurt The Jewish Link, which is tolerant of everyone in our community, which has women in its ads and all over its pages.

Ironically, The Jewish Link is showing a huge amount of tolerance and respect for all of its readership and advertisers; it would be nice if this women showed the same respect, and allowed others to be who they want to be, while she can as well.

No one should want to demand that another Jew changes their beliefs or act a certain way, and we shouldn’t hurt people or businesses who have tolerance and respect for all.

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