Saturday, January 18, 2020

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I am only a high school student; however, when I see illegal immigrant detention centers compared to Nazi concentration camps (really mass death camps) it makes my blood boil. (“An Obscene Comparison,” June 27, 2019) It is horribly misconstrued, a prime example of leftist propaganda in the world today trying to influence the less-knowledgeable to follow their views.

Japanese internment camps in World War II were never referred to as concentration camps because no one ever dared make that comparison. They have always been referred to as what they were: internment camps. Furthermore, even though I personally believe the U.S. was wrong in establishing internment camps and all the human rights violations that came with them, it is a hotly debated topic relating to how and when to apply certain amendments in the Constitution. The debate rages on as to whether the U.S. was correct, because it honestly thought at the time that this was the best way to protect its citizens. It is most definitely not, however, a clear-cut, one-sided discussion. Additionally, even if you believe internment camps were wrong, these immigration detainee camps are totally different. First, the conditions are (at least supposedly) better, although I guess that can be argued. Second, and most importantly, the Japanese Americans did nothing wrong in World War II; they were suspected of conspiracy.

These immigrants, however, are breaking the law. They are doing something illegal by coming here the way they do and they know that. There is nothing wrong with detaining a criminal. They are criminals; even if they are honest, decent, good, family-oriented, gentle, and kind, they are still criminals because they are committing a crime. There have always been immigration laws in this country, and they must be there, lest our country become packed and violence-ridden (due to uncontrolled borders) and we suffer an economic downturn.

It is equally outrageous that people call Trump a fascist. My eyes tear up and blood boils when I think of this. How dare they compare Trump to filth as evil as Hitler, yemach shemo?

Coby Wisotsky