Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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Phil and I were blessed to have a sister-in-law, Linda Schiffman, a”h, who was the most extraordinary sister-in-law to us and aunt to our children and great aunt to our grandchildren. Families are so fortunate when they have a family member like Linda. She was always kind, caring, considerate, dedicated and devoted.

Linda and her husband, Larry, personified tikkun olam. They were a couple that followed the term “rodeph shalom,” non-confrontational, non-combative, soft-spoken role models who set the bar extremely high for us all.

Their son, Dr. Joshua Schiffman, is a mensch and exemplary nephew. Their daughter Michelle Schiffman, a nurse, embodies inner and outer beauty and they all perform mitzvot, chesed and their hishtadlus 24/7.

Phil always called Linda erev Shabbos and my phone calls with her always revolved around our children’s weight and height statistics growing up and our husbands’ (the brothers) eating habits, not to mention an assortment of topics that made us laugh.

Linda was refined, classy, elegant, with grace. Her strength was endless and how befitting that her resting place is right near our in-laws, who adored her and she them. Over Shabbos, we all reminisced about how proud and honored we were to be a part of her life. Every simcha made her more joyous than the one before.

May the neshama of this tzadekes who displayed how family treats one another and how family cares for one another have an aliyah. Your petira will never be in vain Linda. We are jacking up the mitzvah meter in your memory.

We love you.

Miriam and Phil Schiffman and family