Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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I was pleased to read the article about Carl Lutz in The Jewish Link (“Carl Lutz: The Mystery Savior,” January 16, 2020) and I would like to thank you for promoting his action in Budapest, which will remain the largest rescue operation of Jews during the Second World War.

I would like to give you some positive information about the recognition of Carl Lutz by his homeland, Switzerland.

As the article rightly states: “Lutz died in 1975 a disillusioned man who felt betrayed by the Swiss government, which never fully recognized his moral clarity and superhuman efforts during one of history’s darkest periods.”

Things are changing in Switzerland, and as the saying goes, better late than never.

Following the request of the Carl Lutz Circle organization, and with the support of more than 50 members of the Swiss Parliament, the most important room in the Federal Palace now bears the name of Carl Lutz. The inauguration took place on Feb 12, 2018, the anniversary of Carl Lutz’s death, in the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs (Federal Councillor) Ignazio Cassis. In September 2018, and still following the Circle’s intervention, a historic tribute to Carl Lutz was paid in an ordinary session of Parliament, followed by a standing ovation from the 200 members.

Over the past two years, the founding members of the Carl Lutz Circle have actively prepared events on Carl Lutz in Geneva, Lausanne, Budapest, Paris and Washington, D.C.

I will deliver a conference about Carl Lutz in New York at the Museum of Jewish Heritage on June 2, 2020 and in Israel in November 2020 (date to be determined).

Once again thank you for your interest in Carl Lutz,

Frederic Hayat
Vice President of the Carl Lutz Circle