Sunday, March 29, 2020

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Kudos to The Jewish Link for the follow-up articles on St. Mary’s General Hospital (“St. Mary’s General Hospital’s 2020 Vision,” January 9, 2020) and the marvelous community relations this facility has been engaging in to promote its great undertaking to be a participant to the growth of the Jewish community in Passaic.

As a person with deep roots in the city, I have had personal occasions to be involved with all three hospitals, having been born at the Beth Israel and my children at Passaic General Hospital. All hospitals have had stellar reputations.

As a pharmacy intern, I worked in the pharmacy department at St. Mary’s Hospital. The administration, doctors, staff and Sisters of Charity were professional, courteous and attentive to all who worked or had medical problems. I lived a few blocks away. When I received my pharmacy license it was an easy choice to return and work in the pharmacy department. The chief pharmacist was wisely chosen from within as the hospital administrator. The City of Passaic has indeed met the challenge of medical care in this century.

Rita Bloomfield Levin