Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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An Act of Free Will

Beshalach is the culmination of Pharaoh’s directive to let Bnei Yisrael leave Mitzrayim. It must be noted that the Torah identifies this as a leaving by means of “shelach,” a term of free will as in the parsha of the meraglim, when God says to Moshe “shlach lecha,” denoting that the sending of the spies was a “free will”

Work With President Trump

Like him or not, Donald Trump is the duly and fairly elected POTUS. The Democratic leadership is apparently unable to internalize this fact. Their hatred is engendered by their crushing disappointment over the humiliating defeat of the entitled “Messiah,” ending the dream of continuing power. Political power is their

Leftist Does Not Mean Secular

I could not help but laugh when I read the letter to the editor by Marc Sapin from River Edge (“Differing Approaches to Secular Jews,” January 10, 2019). There is not a single word in my letter (“We Are Our Own Worst Enemy,” January 3, 2019) of which he speaks that even mentions “secular Jews.”

How Torah and Science Mesh

I always enjoy Ben Rothke’s very insightful book reviews, including his latest one on the sometimes perceived conflict between the Torah’s description of Genesis and current scientific theories. As a scientist, I never thought there was a conflict, and was instead amazed at the agreement between them. I think the problem came about

Differing Approaches to Secular Jews

As a secular Jewish-American residing in Bergen County whose children attended Jewish day school and has family and friends in the Orthodox Jewish community, I take time to read your newspaper. I note the stark contrast between two rabbis who appeared in your January 3 edition. Plaudits to Rabbi Simon for his selfless and altruistic deed of

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

Max Wisotsky, whose letters are usually right on the money, is way off in his response to Mr. Tobin’s article, “A Distinct Lack of Jewish Outrage,” that appeared on December 20, 2018 (“Playing Politics,” December 27, 2018).

As he himself has mentioned in his previous letters, Jews have always


Playing Politics

While I agree with the general tenor of Jonathan Tobin’s op-ed on American’s lack of outrage at recent terror attacks (“A Distinct Lack of Jewish Outrage,” December 20, 2018), I think his arguments are very weak and unconvincing. He attributes the complacency

A Perspective on Gaza

I do not represent myself as an expert in military strategy or in international political diplomacy; however, my instinct (“knee jerk”) tells me the following:

When engaged in war with an implacable enemy peace can be achieved only when imposed by the victor. “When the rodef comes to kill you- rise

Please Consider Front Page Photos With Care

Thank you for the weekly emails and printed paper. We enjoy it very much as a family.

On that note, do you think the front cover could be more careful with the pictures that are printed? As a family newspaper, I value not having to hide or cover the pictures

Cub Scouts Thank JLNJ

On behalf of the local Jewish Cub Scouts-Pack 613, we are very grateful for the help that The Jewish Link has provided us. Your coverage of our program trips and events has directly led to our success of the 40 boys strong that are now in our group. We are constantly welcoming new families and they almost always tell us that they heard

Can My 12-Year-Old Really Be Doing This?

It is dark. Close to midnight. All the rooms in the house are silent, except for one, in which a tiny noise pings every few seconds. The buzzing of a cell phone.

This goes on and on, and beneath the silent tomb of blankets, a 12 year old child texts his friends, eyes heavy and weary, until the early

Going Abroad and Visiting Chabad

When we travel abroad, we often rely on Chabad for a kosher meal. The Chabad rabbis and rebbetzins that I have encountered have always been so happy to provide a meal, a shul and a place for Jewish travelers, and have asked nothing in return. So, here’s a thought, next time you plan a trip with a visit to a Chabad, get in touch with the