Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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An Open Letter to Leonia Residents About Street Closures

I am a long-time resident of the city of Englewood. I am your neighbor. I am not your enemy. I understand that you no longer want to tolerate streets congested with traffic during certain times going to and from the George Washington Bridge. However, your mayor is taking you down a rabbit hole, a nonsensical pathway that doesn’t lead

Still Divided, Even After Tragedy

The article “Teaneck Mourns Pittsburgh With Candlelight Vigil” (JLNJ, November 8, 2018), echoes the widespread feeling that the horrific synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh “has evoked a sense of unity, not only among Jews, but among people of all backgrounds.” While this sentiment is very comforting, unfortunately

Jews Should Be Armed

Regarding the dvar Torah by Rabbi Yair Hoffman (Nov. 1, 2018) “Every Shul Should Have an Armed Person,” I would like to quote a greater authority, i.e., Hashem told Moshe Rabbeinu that every Jew must have a gun for self-protection in Parshat Beshalach 13:18,

Fair Lawn Catholic Community Stands With Us

Editor’s note: The following was shared with us by the rabbinic staff at Congregation Shomrei Torah, who were touched that neighbors in Fair Lawn, from the Catholic community, reached out to them after the tragedy in Pittsburgh.

Dear Rabbi Yudin, Rabbi Markowitz and the Congregation of Shomrei

Jewish Link Does It Right Again!

Kudos to you for re-inventing The Jewish Link format! As much as I enjoyed reading your weekly informative paper, I always had to adjust the length of the paper on my lap...yes, the shorter version is so much better and much appreciated. The print is also an improvement to be noticed. Thank you for making it even more

Remembering Loved Ones From Pittsburgh Tragedy

I am from Pittsburgh. In fact I was born and raised in Squirrel Hill. I was extremely sad and heartbroken when on Sunday morning I turned on CNN and saw the list of names of the victims of the Tree of Life masacre. Sylvan and Bernice Simon, the couple that was killed in shul on Shabbat, were my stepbrother and stepsister-in-law! In about

A Heartfelt Thank You

I am writing to express thanks to our local public servants and law enforcement authorities on their compassionate and swift response to the Pittsburgh tragedy this past Shabbat. The police made their rounds to the various synagogues in our communities to ensure the safety of Teaneck’s Jewish residents and our elected officials condemned

In the Aftermath of the Pittsburgh Tragedy

In light of the recent horrific tragedy in Pittsburgh, we should all make an attempt to recognize the specialness of our own houses of worship and do what we can to help sanctify them a little bit more. Perhaps we can start by not talking during the services and having respect for one another.

Vote for Change for Teaneck Board of Education

In an article published last week in The Jewish Link (“Time for Change at the Board of Education: Vote,” October 25, 2018), we identified the need for improved academic achievement and increased fiscal responsibility, the latter supported by an independent third-party consultant who found significant

Anthony Cureton Is the Choice for Bergen County Sheriff

With election day hard upon us, [it is] time to stop procrastinating and start making choices. All the campaigns for offices have been hard at it for months trashing each other. There is one that suddenly appeared on the ballot, that of the office of Bergen County Sheriff.

Making the choice difficult is

In Support of Josh Gottheimer

We feel it is vitally important to re-elect Josh Gottheimer to Congress. Our support for Josh is not only due to his very powerful support of Israel and Jewish issues, but we want you as fellow readers of The Jewish Link to be fully aware of what Josh has actually done in these areas of such great concern to us.

Oppose the Assisted Suicide Bill

A vote to permit assisted suicide in New Jersey is up to a vote on the assembly floor on the 29th of this month. In 2016 the bill passed by one vote (!) and Gov. Christie vetoed it. If it passes this time, Gov. Murphy will sign it into law.

I would like to