Sunday, April 05, 2020

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Smachot in Difficult Times

Although the calendar still says Adar, simcha feels in very short supply. However, my lack of simcha pales in comparison to what I imagine are the feelings of families in our community who have had to cancel, delay or dramatically downsize planned smachot.

Social Isolation: Not Such a New Reality

As the new reality sets in, and all the social constructs of life begin to change, many of us are grappling with the concept of forced isolation. For any society, but especially a society as interconnected as ours, forced isolation, especially with little preparation time, has been jarring. This new existence may give us the opportunity to

Purim Satire Goes Too Far

In the pre-Purim edition of The Jewish Link, there was a Purim satire section. Among the various articles written, two stood out to me. Firstly, was the article written by Nina Glick (Glina Nick) “Too Many Pics of Women #UnsubscribeMe,” March 5, 2020) which ridiculed those who wish not to see pictures of women in

Misleading Tehillim Service

I am writing this as a big fan of the Jewish Link; I read your newspaper every Shabbat and my husband and I enjoy discussing many of the articles. However, there has been an advertisement repeatedly featured in your paper that is antithetical to what our community stands for. I am referring to the Tehillim Kollel

Let’s Keep Our Purim Traditions

I’m writing in regard to the letter in this past week’s Link titled “Kudos to the ‘Spirit of Purim’ Letter Writer” (March 5, 2020) by Jessica Savitt. With all due respect to Mrs. Savitt, the people that participate in the distribution of mishloach manot do contribute to tzedaka. They are shul goers and baalei mitzvos and

Project Benjamin Correction

I am not one to jump on every newspaper error and criticize. But whoever wrote the article (“From Latin Crosses to Jewish Stars of David,” March 5, 2020) made so many mistakes in just a few paragraphs, that for the sake of the men who have spent hours and days and months organizing the events, I must speak

Pesach Response to the Glicks

I have spent many years at home making Pesach and have also gone away to a resort for many years.

After reading Rabbi and Nina Glick’s column (“Coronavirus and Us,” March 5, 2020), I felt a need to respond. I was disturbed by the negative comments

News I Didn’t Find in The Link

1) At the Ma’ayanot dinner this past Saturday night, I was so impressed by the three students who made a siyum on Masechet Berachot. Not only did these very wise young ladies ask those in attendance who were also keeping up with the daf, and also finished Berachot, to stand and join them as they recited the Hadran, but

Kudos to ‘Spirit of Purim’ Letter Writer

I am responding to a letter to the editor entitled “Bring Back the Spirit of Purim,” by Michelle Kohn in the February 27, 2020 issue. I want to say kudos to Ms. Kohn for writing this absolutely necessary letter addressing the ridiculously expensive cost of Purim these days due to peer pressure, media pressure and

A Purim Response: Bring Back the Spirit of Purim

While I agree with some of the things that were mentioned in the letter “Bring Back the Spirit of Purim” (February 27, 2020), I would like to offer some counterpoints.

I think a lot of the pressure that people feel has to do with where they live. It is also oftentimes a product of ourselves

A Different Take on Mishloach Manot

I appreciated the letter by Michelle Kohn,”Bring Back the Spirit of Purim” (February 27, 2020). She wrote that Purim has become an extravagant and unnecessary burden because of the outrageous expenses, time and energy spent. The law is to give to at least one person two kinds of food. Many of us go way overboard.

Kol HaKavod, Dad!

Editors’ note: The following letter was sent to the Daf Yomi Commission by the author, expressing hakarat hatov to his father, Highland Park's own Max Wisotsky, for starting the daf at age 87.

The grand siyum we experience is so much bigger and