Monday, September 16, 2019

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Chutzpah in Our Streets and Beyond

I recently walked by a northern New Jersey yeshiva and was intentionally taunted by a student who shouted something personal in my direction. The student’s derisive tone made his intent clear: to embarrass me in public. This wasn’t the only time a yeshiva student publicly taunted and embarrassed me. When a rabbi personally witnessed

The Pain of Rejection

I would like to commend Rabbi Rothwachs and The Jewish Link for bringing the issue of high school admissions to the public’s attention. Personally, it did not need to be brought to my attention because I was already quite aware. Two years ago my son was not accepted to any local yeshiva. Even though he had spent his entire life in this

A Super Opportunity

As parents, we have often noted the central and, perhaps, oversized role sports plays in our community, both in our schools and at home. Over the years, however, we have learned from experience of an additional aspect of sports in our community as well. Two Super Bowl-related experiences in particular taught us this additional

Allow Each RCBC Rabbi to Reach Their Own Halachic and Public Policy Decisions

The RCBC has, for many decades, served as an umbrella organization of Orthodox rabbis that has helped establish and develop the physical and spiritual infrastructure and helped foster the communal well-being of the burgeoning observant community in Bergen County. The council has always had a wide diversity of rabbis who represent the big tent of the Orthodox community

Navigating the World in the Smartphone Generation

I was impressed with the incisive observations made by Ezra Epstein in your January 17 edition under the title “Can Modern Orthodoxy Survive the

No, Things Are Not Looking Up

Mr. Wisotsky is such a hardcore ideologue that he twists an uplifting story of a young lady performing a mitzvah (“Preteen’s Chesed Gives Hope for Future,” January 24, 2019) into a platform for his right-wing extremism. His rant was against millennials and progressive liberals expecting something for nothing. Let’s review: We live

Preteen’s Chesed Gives Hope for Future

The heartwarming story of Sydney Jerome (“Teaneck Preteen Packs in the Mitzvot,” Jan. 17, 2019), who, for her bat mitzvah project, baked cookies to help needy families in Israel, gives some welcome hope for our future.

In these divisive and acrimonious times, millennials have abandoned the principles

An Act of Free Will

Beshalach is the culmination of Pharaoh’s directive to let Bnei Yisrael leave Mitzrayim. It must be noted that the Torah identifies this as a leaving by means of “shelach,” a term of free will as in the parsha of the meraglim, when God says to Moshe “shlach lecha,” denoting that the sending of the spies was a “free will”

Work With President Trump

Like him or not, Donald Trump is the duly and fairly elected POTUS. The Democratic leadership is apparently unable to internalize this fact. Their hatred is engendered by their crushing disappointment over the humiliating defeat of the entitled “Messiah,” ending the dream of continuing power. Political power is their

Leftist Does Not Mean Secular

I could not help but laugh when I read the letter to the editor by Marc Sapin from River Edge (“Differing Approaches to Secular Jews,” January 10, 2019). There is not a single word in my letter (“We Are Our Own Worst Enemy,” January 3, 2019) of which he speaks that even mentions “secular Jews.”

How Torah and Science Mesh

I always enjoy Ben Rothke’s very insightful book reviews, including his latest one on the sometimes perceived conflict between the Torah’s description of Genesis and current scientific theories. As a scientist, I never thought there was a conflict, and was instead amazed at the agreement between them. I think the problem came about

Differing Approaches to Secular Jews

As a secular Jewish-American residing in Bergen County whose children attended Jewish day school and has family and friends in the Orthodox Jewish community, I take time to read your newspaper. I note the stark contrast between two rabbis who appeared in your January 3 edition. Plaudits to Rabbi Simon for his selfless and altruistic deed of