Friday, December 14, 2018

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Banning Cell Phones in Shul Should Become Common Practice

I’m writing to commend Rabbi Prusansky’s shul rule regarding leaving cell phones out of shul while davening. I think this is an amazing stance to take and everyone should use this as an example.

I often wonder why, when I go to Israel and am at the Kotel, I see so many women on their phones at the

‘Creative Discipline’ Rather Than Expulsions?

I graduated Frisch over 30 years ago, and while I don’t have the statistics of whether things are worse now than they were then, there were definitely well-known incidents of drinking, drug use and scandalous behavior—including a girl getting pregnant—back then as well. And while back then Frisch had a much larger percentage of kids

The Jewish Link Allows Us to Remain Vigilant in Addressing Anti-Semitism

It is heartening to see The Jewish Link addressing the increasing anti-Semitism today, locally, regionally and globally. From Mahwah to Rutgers to UN votes to Jerusalem, you voice your concerns. This is a necessity because the battle against anti-Semitism is an all-out war which must continuously be fought. Jews have always been singled out for punishment or as

On the Sentence Commutation of Sholom Rubashkin

To those celebrating the release of Sholom Rubashkin (“Trump Commutes Sentence of Sholom Rubashkin,” December 28, 2017) I ask that you channel your energy and join in the decades-long struggle against mandatory minimum sentences. African-American, and other minority communities have been destroyed by mandatory minimums

Mischaracterizations in Article on YU’s Jess Olson

I’m writing out of concern for what I see as no fewer than three mischaracterizations in a piece you published by Elizabeth Kratz attempting to smear a member of the Westchester Jewish community, YU Professor of Jewish History Jess Olson (“YU Prof. Signs B’Tselem-Linked Letter Protesting Jerusalem as Capital of

Jerusalem Is Not an Occupied Territory

Regarding “YU Prof. Signs B’Tselem-Linked Letter Protesting Jerusalem as Capital of Israel,” (December 28, 2017): First of all, the president didn’t “declare” Jerusalem as the capital; Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel. Representing the U.S., Trump “officially” recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

YU Professor Expressed ‘Nuanced Personal View’

The headline to Elizabeth Kratz’s “Community News” (“YU Prof. Signs B’Tselem-Linked Letter Protesting Jerusalem as Capital of Israel,” December 28, 2017) item mischaracterized the academics’ letter that Yeshiva University Professor Jess Olson signed: it was not “protesting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” but rather

On Adult Children Who Pull Away From Their Families

My husband and I always had complete kavod and derech eretz for our parents and took care of them. That was a given in those days.

Some young adults in today’s generation, sadly and unfortunately, feel that it is an option to distance themselves from their parents and families. They feel that if something

RYNJ Puts Its Students First

Working at RYNJ is truly a special experience. You have a chance to see things from the inside that others do not get to see. There is a wonderful connection among staff; we are like family. There is also a special, unique connection between teachers and their students. It’s not really a surprise, but some days you get to see it more than others and

President Barchi Should Focus on Moral Issues to Protect Rutgers’ Jewish Students

Stephen Loeb’s column in the December 14, 2017 issue of The Jewish Link (“Hating the Speaker: A Pathway to Censorship of Minorities”) was an excellent essay on the legal criteria surrounding hate speech. Although he does not mention Rutgers, this is at the heart of the Rutgers situation, the difference between legal and moral

Acknowledging Open Miracles as Political Climate Favors Israel

What a wonderful sight, to see a Jewish group vocalizing Jewish songs at the World Trade Center this past Monday. I would argue that the Jewish “voice” is stronger than ever. The superpower of the world declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel and the Western Wall to enjoy Israeli sovereignty.

Only One of the Three Anti-Semitic Professors at Rutgers Has Been Punished

Only one of the three anti-Semitic professors at Rutgers has been punished. What about the other two? Action is needed for our students. Let’s remember: Lying about Israel is lying about Jews. That’s anti-Semitism. That’s the anti-Semitic professors whose anti-Semitism has not yet been addressed by Rutgers. In standard anti-Semitic