Thursday, February 20, 2020

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Just Say No to Jaywalking

Last Sunday I did something I’m not proud of. I crossed the street after looking both ways. What I neglected to mention is that I did not cross at a traffic light or a crosswalk. Another tidbit I left out is that this street was Cedar Lane in Teaneck on a Sunday morning three weeks before Purim. I cringe further to inform you that I had

‘Jump Into Shape’ Is a Great Workout

I have ready many articles in your paper about jumping rope and Jump Into Shape (see ad on page 123). I will say that after jumping in the class for about two months, it is a great 35-minute workout with almost no equipment. In 35 minutes I burn the same or more calories than an hour-long cardio/strength workout. I have

Collaboration Is Key to Accommodating All Students

The writer of “Is Israel Yeshiva Overcrowding a Drawback of Communal Growth?” (March 7, 2019) wrote about a challenging issue. In a recent Jewish Link article, Rabbi Larry Rothwachs wrote about a similar issue affecting families of eighth graders whose children are applying to yeshiva high schools (“The High School Admissions Process:

Kavod HaRav Is Not the Issue

Lance Friedman responds (“Letter Commenting on Rabbis’ Views Should Show Kavod,” February 28, 2019) to my letter (“Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover, Indeed,”) in the Feb 7, 2019 issue of JLNJ by doing exactly what he accuses me of, a personal attack. I was quite explicit in stating my respect and admiration for Rabbi Jachter.

Letter Commenting on Rabbis’ Views Should Show Kavod

I am writing in response to a letter you published in the February 7 edition submitted by Robert Friedman regarding “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover...” In your note for personal letters, it specifically states “We do not welcome personal attacks.” How would you categorize Mr. Friedman’s letter as anything but an attack on Rabbi

Salute to the RCBC

It is wonderful to read that the RCBC is supporting Torah law and maintaining our mesorah with regard to female clergy (“RCBC Draws Boundary Line on Women Rabbis,” February 6, 2019). I am a baalat teshuva. I came to be a Torah observant Jew because I believed that mitzvot observance not only makes me a better person, but also allows me

There’s Still Room for Opposition in RCBC

Rabbi Pruzansky asserts (“In Defense of the RCBC,” February 14, 2019) that opponents of the RCBC bylaw sanctioning one of its members for employing female interns “pretend that there is still room for further clarifications, negotiations and conversations.” One wonders if Rabbi Pruzansky includes among the pretenders the

Union for Traditional Judaism Calls for Omar and King to Resign

When Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) was elected to Congress it might have been seen as a demonstration of the openness of American society. Given the experience of 9/11 and the continued threats from ISIS against the U.S., a Somali Muslim in congress was a first and was proof to the world that America is capable of seeing beyond

Get Your Facts Straight

In Yehudi Echad’s letter, “What Occupation?” (February 14, 2019) he calls out, “young people of Jewish ancestry” and “liberal millennials” for not recognizing that “there is no occupation in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria,” and not recognizing that the status of these areas is rather “…control of land

Rallying Around Netivot Shalom

The consequences of the RCBC decision regarding the Netivot Shalom shul (“RCBC Draws ‘Boundary Line’ on Woman Rabbis,” Feb. 6, 2019) are embarrassing Rabbi Helfgot, dividing the community and serving as another sterling example of the abuse of rabbinic authority.

Rabbi Pruzansky Is Right

Rabbi Pruzansky said it as it is (“In Defense of the RCBC,” February 14, 2019).

For a shul to be a member of the RCBC, IT MUST COMPLY WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF THAT ORGANIZATION. If it does not wish to uphold these standards, the organization has the right

Anti-Semitism in America Is Not Sudden or New

The uproar over the venomous emanations of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is certainly warranted, but a broader look at history shows that it is neither a sudden nor unprecedented development.

Anti-Israel, anti-Semitic behavior has actually been brewing for a while