Saturday, March 24, 2018

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Letters to the Editor

Addressing the Financial Impact of Terror

As president of Keren HaTzadik USA, founded in memory of Rabbi Aryeh Levine zt”l, I am in regular contact with the volunteer director of Keren HaTzadik in Israel. Here is what he has said recently:

“We feel abandoned by the American Jews. I have one small question: Is anyone paying attention

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Ed Tech Can Facilitate Excellence, But Must Be Used Effectively

I enjoyed reading Dr. Greene’s article on blended learning (“Blended Learning: A Solution to the Day School Tuition Crisis?” November 25, 2015). I’m thrilled to see that such important educational issues are being

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Rutgers President Orders Flags at Half-Staff

Today, I ordered that the Rutgers University flag be lowered to half-staff to recognize the tragic passing of two persons affiliated with the University who were murdered by terrorists last week.

Anita Datar, a 1995 Rutgers College graduate, was killed by

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Cutting Waste, Not Commercial Development, Will Save Teaneck

Regarding “World of Wings Rezoned,” (November 12, 2015) by Elizabeth Kratz: Elie brought up the fact that Teaneck needs alternative revenue sources. I agree 100 percent, but we also need to lower expenses, and I suggest the following ways:

1) Healthcare waivers, if limited

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Thank You for Participating in the Renewal Shabbaton!

On behalf of the Renewal staff and volunteers and, most of all, our kidney donors and recipients, I would like to thank all those who participated in the Renewal Shabbaton in Bergenfield/Teaneck this past Shabbos. From BMOB Friday night to the Oneg at the

Letters to the Editor

Is Occupation the Cause of the Current Conflict?

Much is spoken about the “Occupation” as an underlying cause of the conflict.

Indeed, it is the:

· OCCUPATION of the minds of many Palestinians and Arabs that unlike everyone else in the region, Israel has been a success: READ


Why Was Highgate Terrace Completion Announced Two Weeks Before Election?

I have to take exception to the article on Bergenfield’s reconstruction of Highgate Terrace in the October 22, 2015, edition of your paper (“Bergenfield Council Awards Highgate Terrace Bid.”)

The Borough Council, several years ago,

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Note From a Banji Fan

Thank you for running Banji Ganchrow’s humor column every week. She makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

I have no idea who she is and I don’t even live in Teaneck, yet I can really relate to her weekly musings. She feels like

Letters to the Editor

The Hard Left’s Only Sin Is Dissent

Among other things, the piece reinforces a thought that occurred to me after Yom Kippur, that for the hard left, there is only one sin: dissenting from the hard left’s policies and program. The manifesto of the hard left can, I think, be summed up in

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Strong Leadership From Rep. Garrett

The recent op-ed by Congressman Scott Garrett entitled, “We Must Keep Nuclear Weapons Out of Iran,” (September 10, 2015) succinctly and effectively makes the case against the Iran nuclear deal, pointing out the significant dangers which it poses. Most important is the last

Letters to the Editor

From Dallas to Bergenfield

I appreciated and read with both amusement and nostalgia the article “From Teaneck to Tennessee,” (September 10, 2015). The author is 100% correct about the wonderfully unique experience of living in a small out of town Jewish community. My family and I just moved to

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Rav Schachter’s Intents Are Genuine

Regarding “Response to Rav Schachter’s Criticism of the International Beit Din on Torahweb.org,” (September 3, 2015), Rav Schachter is a GREAT man of TREMENDOUS sensitivity. To even subtly suggest that he is acting improperly or without the most genuine of intents simply